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Any Carbon Fiber pool cues?

Any Carbon Fiber pool cues?

Are there any carbon fiber pool cues on the market today? Specifically any with the Exposed C/F fiber?

Any Carbon Fiber pool cues?

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  1. chromecarz00Mitch Alsup on 1/29/2009 6:36:18 PM

    If there are not now, there were a few of these making the rounds a couple of years ago.

    Bottom line, they don't feel right, too stiff. And if you get a nick in them, you cannot repair it with a simply drop of water/spit. You might find out more infor by googling up fiberglass coated pool cue/shafts.

  2. chromecarz00chromecarz00 on 1/29/2009 7:01:09 PM

    Wouldnt fiberglass have the same feel? And what about HIGHLY ornamented pool cues?

  3. chromecarz00conetip on 5/13/2009 7:57:15 PM

    I make a carbon fiber pool cue. The carbon is different to fiberglass or wood.

    I make them to your balance point and length and weight. Tip sizes are about 11 mm to 10 mm depending on cue length and break point of cue.

  4. chromecarz00chromecarz00 on 5/13/2009 8:46:38 PM

    Let me know about price...

  5. chromecarz00conetip on 5/13/2009 9:16:49 PM

    Can you send me a email to cuttlefishcues@gmail.com I have not made enough posts to em or email through the forum. Where are you situated? I am in Pennsylvania USA.

  6. chromecarz00chromecarz00 on 5/13/2009 9:43:17 PM

    I am in Southern California.

  7. chromecarz00conetip on 5/14/2009 4:41:13 PM

    Hi chromecarz00,

    I sent you a email with info and pictures.

  8. chromecarz00conetip on 5/16/2009 5:43:52 PM

    Here is a picture of my carbon fiber poolcues. The carbonfiber shaft goes the full length of the cue. They are made to order for length overall and weight and balance point.The cues have a tip size from 10 to 11 mm.There is a fairly stiff shaft available and a more flexable shaft. Price starts at $300 USA.

    Neil Lickfold


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Any Carbon Fiber pool cues?

  • Title: Any Carbon Fiber pool cues?
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/29/2009 2:44:04 PM