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1995 Meucci Pro Billiards Tour Championship Cue

1995 Meucci Pro Billiards Tour Championship Cue

In 1995 there were 8 Meucci pool cues made for the Pro Billiards Tour championship in Owensboro Kentucky.

Does anyone know the value of any of these sticks at all?

I can find no information on them at all other than I have number 004 of the series of 8.

1995 Meucci Pro Billiards Tour Championship Cue

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  1. jerrybilliardsforum on 6/1/2014 8:12:10 AM

    Are you talking about the Meucci SE-8 Pro Billiards Tour version? These pictures are from an ad on eBay for s/n 003 of 012 of this cue.

    Meucci cue made this version of the Meucci SE-8 for the Pro Tour Event at the Executive Inn in Owensboro, KK in 1995. Only 12 cues were made. The event was televised on ESPN. Efern Reyes won and Kim Davenport was runner-up. This is a very rare cue as only 12 were made. Cues were given to the participants in the 1995 Pro Tour Championship. The cue has ivorine points and oval inlays of mother of pearl and ebony stone, forearm of birdseye maple and white ivorine butt cap. Living legend Nick Varner has this same cue in his own personal cue collection (his is SN 001 of 012).

  2. jerryuser1524534778 on 4/23/2018 9:53:00 PM

    I own the Meucci SE-8 cue numbered 004 now.

    Found it in a pawn shop.

  3. jerrybilliardsforum on 5/1/2018 5:55:34 AM

    Nice! Can you upload a couple of photos? Would love to see it.

  4. jerryuser1526914022 on 5/21/2018 10:47:04 AM

    There were actually more than 12 cue made. The Meucci SE-8 was a 250 production special without the Pro Billiard stamp. I used to own #49 before Katrina.

  5. jerrybilliardsforum on 5/22/2018 5:46:52 PM

    This post is specifically discussing the Meucci SE-8 "Pro Billiards Tour" model. I am not sure your comment is relevant.

    And there were actually 500 of the standard Meucci SE8 cues made, not 250.

    It is likely that the first 8 or 12 of the 500 have the Pro Billiards Tour stamp.

  6. jerryuser1641633121 on 1/8/2022 9:12:02 AM


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1995 Meucci Pro Billiards Tour Championship Cue

  • Title: 1995 Meucci Pro Billiards Tour Championship Cue
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  • Published: 6/8/2014 8:21:08 PM