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Mrs Rachel L Smith
Occupation: Quality Assurance Professional
Bellingham, WA United States

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About Me

My father-in-law Mike Smith was the one who taught me how to play pool.

I got used to the saying "Rack'em Rachel" for about a year until one night I actually beat him in a game of 8 ball.

Not knowing the whole time I was playing with a warped ol' McDermott 18 oz cue with a narrow tip he then handed me a Player 20 oz with a broad tip and told me to play again.

Naturally, I lost again and again until I won, then he handed me another different cue and, like always, played sink the eight on a bank shot.

When the day came were I had finally beat my teacher at every game he said "I was now ready and able to use any cue that was presented" so, I joined a local pool league and was very successful from that day forward.

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