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Outlaw pool cue or ?

Outlaw pool cue or ?

Hi its my first post here. I could use some answers. Here is the scenario, I play pool here and there but I am trying to get more frequent/weekly visits to the local pool hall, I bought a used "Hampton" ( the same one advertised @ cheapshot.....com - 2 pc Maple Billiard Cue /w Steel Joint, Marble Green - HR-0011 $ 39 new) for $20 with a Excalibur soft case, good deal I thought , it's not 100% straight but shoots ok I guess ( 0 experince ). I have my eyes crossed on a Outlaw pool cue ( OL21 ) goes for $124 . What do you guys think about this Outlaw cue durability wise ? Is it a legit brand? from what I have being reading it sounds like a newcomer... Any other cue's that I should look into for about $100 - $150 max that I can grow with in the game ?

About the Hampton cue... what are my options, should I buy a new shaft for it ? or junk it ?


Outlaw pool cue or ?

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  1. burnnxsFenwick on 11/18/2009 10:06:56 PM

    Check out the sponsors that advertise on the top of the home page. I've compared prices and they meet or beat others I've dealt with. I'm sure you can find a nice cue within your price range. I have no first hand experience with Outlaw pool cues so I can't or won't comment. I know many fine players who can pocket balls with a plain Jane Sneaky Pete or a house cue.

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Outlaw pool cue or ?

  • Title: Outlaw pool cue or ?
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/18/2009 6:12:36 PM