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Value of a Dark Brown Dufferin Snooker Cue

Value of a Dark Brown Dufferin Snooker Cue

My house was recently broken in to and 6 of my cues taken including this vintage Dufferin snooker cue.

I tried to get more info on it a few months back but all I could find out was that some old snooker cues had a flat butt end (this was before resting sticks) to lay the cue down on the table to hit unreachable balls.

I don't think the leaf was silver, looked gold to me but no way to check now unless it's recovered.

Thing is for insurance I have no idea what it's value was. It wasn't split and I played a game with it about a month ago. Still shot true.

Any help valuing this Dufferin snooker cue?

20190225_014252.jpg 20190225_014123.jpg 20190225_014157.jpg

Value of a Dark Brown Dufferin Snooker Cue

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  1. user1551088392Chopdoc on 2/26/2019 10:32:39 PM

    It is worth about $50. Maybe $65.

  2. user1551088392user1551088392 on 4/1/2019 12:50:34 PM

    With respect to @chopdoc's well explained valuation, he is really quite wrong.

    There are several unique things about this particular Dufferin cue that increase it's value.

    1. It is made of ebony wood. Dufferin's ebony wood line was their top, and most rare, line.
    2. The flat bumper end. While you see this on Dufferin's again now it really is just a nostalgia and/or authenticity thing. The difference is that new Dufferin cue that started doing this don't have the maple leaf. This is what guarantees its age authenticity.
    3. The maple leaf. Red is the most common color, Green are fairly common, silver are uncommon, gold are rare, and black are unicorns.

    All together, I would say you have a highly collectible piece that would normally be worth $600 on the low-end and to a true cue collector, as high as $1200. If it wasn't warped or otherwise damaged, a fair price for insurance would be in the $1000 range.

    Hope this helps!

  3. user1551088392billiardsforum on 4/1/2019 6:09:55 PM

    @user1551088392 - Sorry to hear about your break-in. I've been through it. It's horrible.

    However, I am not totally sure I follow what's happening on this thread, as you just responded to your own question with verbiage that reads as though you're answering someone else's question.

    Regardless - You've done a pretty good job at outlining your claim of a higher valuation.

    I can't weight in either way, as I don't have any comparable sales I can reference and I am not particularly experienced in Dufferin cue valuation. Especially the Dufferin snooker cues. I can say that I've not seen a cue like this sell for anywhere near $1000 on eBay or other classified sites.

    If it's an insurance thing, I get that you can't wait and watch for comparable sales on eBay, etc. so you may have to either pay for a professional pool cue valuation (which I don't recommend), or, you can rely on the advice of folks with knowledge in the field. "Experts" we'll say.

    @chopdoc is one of those folks with more pool cue knowledge than most.

    You are right, he didn't provide any information to support his valuation, so in the absence of comparable sales to reference, all we can do now is hope he reviews the question again and provides some detail or supporting references.

    We're not a paid cue valuation service, so the information exchanged here should be taken for what it is. Opinion and discussion. The opinion is sometimes backed with references and supporting evidence, and sometimes it is not.

  4. user1551088392Chopdoc on 4/1/2019 7:08:46 PM

    Wow. I would put it realistically at $100 at best, more like $65 for a snooker cue. That's including for insurance valuation.

    Of course, if you want to insure for stated value, you can just pay inflated premiums and call it a $10,000 cue if you want.

    An ebony sneaky pete by Tim Scruggs wouldn't even be worth nearly $1,000. And that's a lot more rare than this production cue.

    Please, try to sell it for $1,000.

    Then go over to Ebay and find one for $100. Not kidding.

    Even the ebony Dufferin Anniversary cues with veneered butterflies typically sell for under $200. That's actual sales prices. That's easily verifiable.

    A 60 year old Ebony Brunswick Willie Hope would be $1,000. This cue isn't worth anything near that.

    Age authenticity? The cue isn't even very old.

    • Common.
    • Snooker cue.
    • Mass produced.
    • Not very old.

    Flat bumper? So what? That was common on their snooker cues.

    I'll tell you what. I have an ebony 1950's Brunswick 2 piece snooker cue. I guarantee it is more rare and more valuable, and it isn't worth nearly $1,000.

    Real world. No fantasy. Dufferin cues aren't even really collectibles. They are collected mostly by people that can't afford real collectible cues. That boosts their market. Otherwise they would be worth half of what I am saying.

    I have an ebony Titlist that Ricco Cervantes converted in 1969. The cue is valued at $850 by Dick Abbott. I am sure you know who he is. You think this cue is worth more than that?

    You find a Dufferin ebony splice and people mostly just want to use it as a blank to make a cue. A butt blank isn't worth $1,000. Not even close, even if it is ebony.

    Please post comparables. Actual sales. There are numerous examples.

    Here is an ebony splice Dufferin Anniversary... with another cue. $107


    Find one with a well figured forearm, black maple leaf, and veneered butterflies, in perfect condition, and it will go for about $200, maybe $225.

    This is a snooker cue.

    If you think it's worth $1,000, then make the offer and buy it for that.

  5. user1551088392user1551088392 on 4/3/2019 8:04:10 PM

    Sorry, I don't think anything. A friend thought this would be funny to post using my open computer.

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Value of a Dark Brown Dufferin Snooker Cue

  • Title: Value of a Dark Brown Dufferin Snooker Cue
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  • Published: 2/25/2019 1:53:14 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/26/2019 1:28:27 PM
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