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BHQ Dufferin Conversion Cue With Stitched Ring Work

BHQ Dufferin Conversion Cue With Stitched Ring Work

This Dufferin conversion cue is the first conversion cue I've done that has stitched ringwork.

I refused to utilize what I could not make myself. I know, yes, I am hard-headed. They aren't perfect but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

The rings are brown phenolic with holly inserts flanked by maple rings.

You may notice the darker edges on the maple. Those are not glue lines. That was something I did intentionally, but that didn't quite turn out exactly the way I wanted. But it was close.

The final Dufferin conversion cue with stitched ringwork came out at 18.5 oz. It is a 3/8 x 10 cue. The tip is 12.5mm and has a Saber T ferrule with a Lepro tip.

I am planning to take this cue out tonight for a test drive.

BHQ Dufferin Conversion Cue With Stitched Ring Work

Replies & Comments

  1. BHQshark3149 on 4/1/2007 4:48:44 PM

    Brent if you keep making cues that look this good you will have to raise your prices. Well not until I get my cues that is. LOL.

    I would pay what ever you ask. I am not one of those guys who don't want to pay the price for great work.

    I like the ring work. I think it has a good style. Plain but not too plain.

  2. BHQBHQ on 4/2/2007 1:15:37 PM

    OK. Price increase starts today at the insistence of Nick. 25% price increase across the board.

  3. BHQA-Train on 4/2/2007 7:44:22 PM

    I like the stitched rings. So sexy. Nice work.

    My first cue ever was a Dufferin pool cue. It treated me very well.

  4. BHQBHQ on 4/2/2007 7:53:42 PM

    Thanks @A-Train. You can't hardly beat a Dufferin cue or an old Brunswick pool cue for a conversion cue in my book.

  5. BHQdjkx1 on 4/3/2007 8:51:40 AM

    I like it too Brent. No its not perfect, but for a first try it pretty darn good. I think it looks sharp, and I like the concept you were going for.

    Consistent improvement is why I think you are going to continue getting a better and better reputation. Keep up the good work man. I remember commenting on the great finish you did on my cues. Apparently others are starting to notice as well. I hate to say it, but I told you so.

    So did you get to try it out yet Brent? Is this one for sale, or is it a customer's cue? Just curious.

  6. BHQBHQ on 4/3/2007 9:07:32 AM

    @djkx1 - No, didn't make it out last night. I play with my league tonight,so I'll test her out then.

    Well, I THINK it's sold. It is still pending payment. I've been let down before.

    UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond my control (buyer lost his job yesterday) this cue is up for sale again for $200.

  7. BHQshark3149 on 4/11/2007 12:47:14 PM

    Guys you might want to jump on this cue. The thing hits great, and the price is even better. You get so much cue for so little money.

    That is not going to last long. I can see it now as soon as people find out how good his cues play the price will go up and the list will be very long.

  8. BHQBHQ on 4/15/2007 9:21:36 AM

    The cue is sold "again", Pending payment if this one falls thru, I'm throwing it down in the woods!

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BHQ Dufferin Conversion Cue With Stitched Ring Work

  • Title: BHQ Dufferin Conversion Cue With Stitched Ring Work
  • Author: (Brent Hartman)
  • Published: 4/1/2007 1:14:44 PM