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1980s Dufferin 2-Piece Cue ID

1980s Dufferin 2-Piece Cue ID

I have this Dufferin 2 piece cue I bought in the 1980's. The finish is still good and it's straight, and I like playing with it.

Is it a Merry Widow or Black Widow?

Is it worth keeping?


IMG_20190130_093607.jpg IMG_20190130_092750.jpg IMG_20190130_093623.jpg

1980s Dufferin 2-Piece Cue ID

Replies & Comments

  1. Dukejbabcock12 on 2/5/2019 7:49:13 PM

    It is Definitely worth keeping.

    It is an Ebony silver leaf Banner model Dufferin cue.

    I'd love to own it and would definitely be interested in buying it if you wanted to sell it.

    Let me know. I would love to add this to my collection. Email me anytime at:

    • jaybabs12@gmail.com
    • jaybabs424@gmail.com

    If it is in good shape I would give you a fair price for the cue, plus pay the shipping costs to get it to me.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

  2. DukeDuke on 2/6/2019 5:04:31 AM

    Thank you. Right now I am using it daily.

  3. Dukeuser1552510411 on 3/13/2019 1:53:32 PM

    I have almost the exact same cue. Mine is 21 ounces and was purchased in 1988. I've had to have the tip replaced once.

    I am not interested in selling it, but am curious what a fair price would be. I'm not sure that mine is in quite as good condition, but it isn't bad. Again, I'm simply curious as to what the value might be.

    I'm also curious as to why you collect Dufferin cues. Most people seem to turn their noses up at them.

  4. Dukebilliardsforum on 3/13/2019 2:09:37 PM

    I agree that the general consensus is that Dufferin cues of the modern era - the ones made overseas after Dufferin went out of business and the brand name was bought by a US cue distributor - are nothing special at all.

    I don't agree that there is a general disdain for the older Dufferin cues though.

    Dufferin cues made by Dufferin when they were an institution in the cue manufacturing industry are considered to be solid and quality cues.

  5. Dukeuser1552510411 on 3/13/2019 2:13:54 PM

    Thanks. It sounds like what happened to Harley Davidson when AMF bought them.

    I have mentioned that I have a nice 2-piece Dufferin cue, and people look at me funny.

    I actually have about 6 nice 1-piece Dufferin cues that are in pretty good shape. All were purchased in the 1980s.

    Also, is there a White Leaf Dufferin? My leaf emblem is definitely yellowing?

    IMG_1497.jpg IMG_1500.jpg IMG_1501.jpg

  6. DukeCueistic on 11/3/2020 11:17:28 AM

    I am interested in the purchase of this cue too.

    Let me know if you ever decide to sell it.

  7. DukeToppercat on 12/28/2020 6:45:25 PM

    It's the Dufferin cue model DC-3200 Black Widow as per their 1998 catalog.

    I have since learned that some Dufferin cue models, i.e. the Dufferin Banner cue seemed to be renamed as the Dufferin DC-2000 Trophy cue.

  8. Dukeuser1552510411 on 12/29/2020 7:03:13 AM

    Thank you.

    I've had the cue since 1988, though.

  9. DukeCueistic on 12/29/2020 7:29:55 AM

    This is incredible, I have, what I think an executive build almost identical to this. The only real difference is the insert, yours has the black, or silver dot as some call it. Mine has an entirely different one.

    When I got this cue it was in VERY rough shape. I obviously own a cue company here (Cueistic) and started to refinish it. It's cocobolo wood to the best of my knowledge and at every segment where there is a ring or splice, they lined the grain back up concurrent to the entire butt length.

    I am very interested in purchasing yours, as having a mate to this one would be very cool. I have over 125 Dufferin cues in my collection here and other than the butterfly silver leaf cues, and the Dufferin "Sheild" cues with the colored shield under a resin or plastic-type butt cap, this one is my 3rd favorite.

    Please let me know if you are interested in letting it go.


    Dufferin-sheild-unique-(2).jpg Dufferin-sheild-unique-(3).jpg

  10. DukeCueistic on 9/4/2022 12:04:30 AM

    I so want that cue posted at the top of the page here

    @Duke, I have an identical one here and would love to have a mate for it.

    If I am not mistaken, it will have blue veneers in it like mine.

    Please email me at if you're interested in selling it.



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1980s Dufferin 2-Piece Cue ID

  • Title: 1980s Dufferin 2-Piece Cue ID
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  • Published: 1/30/2019 6:57:32 AM
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