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How Much to Sell a Meucci Original Cue For?

How Much to Sell a Meucci Original Cue For?

I have a Meucci Original cue from somewhere in the 1970s. It is in good-to-excellent shape.

Any thoughts on the best place to sell a Meucci Original cue and how much to sell it for?

How Much to Sell a Meucci Original Cue For?

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  1. 540artbilliardsforum on 2/16/2022 3:48:54 PM

    We can't answer this for you until we can see the cue.

    It needs to be identified, and we need to get a high-level feel for the condition.

    The price range for various Meucci Originals pool cues ranges so much from model to model, there's no possible way to help you based on the information you provided in your question.

  2. 540art540art on 2/18/2022 4:35:33 PM

    Here are the additional pictures of the Meucci Original cue.

    I can get the pics done with a better camera if that would help. Again,thanks loads for the help in valuing the pool cue.

    20220218_130004.jpg 20220218_124759.jpg

    20220217_201858.jpg 20220218_125242.jpg

    20220218_125350.jpg 20220218_125602.jpg

    20220218_130237.jpg 20220218_125315.jpg




  3. 540artbilliardsforum on 2/21/2022 2:12:36 PM

    Those pictures are perfect.

    It looks like you have a Meucci ST-4 cue from the Meucci Originals "Starter" series circa mid-late 1980s. The one shown below is from one of the Meucci Originals brochures from the mid-late 1980s. It is shown here without a wrap.


    We have seen a number of questions about this model in the past, and there is a lot of good info on valuation in some of the answers to those. I've linked them below.

    Also, you might have already noticed that although the shaft is a Meucci Originals shaft, it wasn't original to your Meucci Originals cue model. Your cue would have originally come with a shaft having the same matching ring-work as the joint collar on the butt. There are a few different Meucci cue models that your shaft might have belonged to, but if we assume it is as old or older than your ST-4 cue, it's likely from a Meucci MO-7 cue (shown below, circa 1970s-1980s) or a Meucci 84-5 cue (same cue design, later series - 1984).


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How Much to Sell a Meucci Original Cue For?

  • Title: How Much to Sell a Meucci Original Cue For?
  • Author: (Art Wilson)
  • Published: 2/16/2022 3:39:15 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/18/2022 3:15:04 AM
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