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Meucci 233-5 Pool Cue Value

Meucci 233-5 Pool Cue Value

Looking for the Meucci 233-5 pool cue value.

It has an extra black dot shaft along with the original shaft. Cue is in like-new condition.

Meucci 233-5 Pool Cue Value

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  1. secbilliardsforum on 2/26/2019 4:54:38 PM

    Is the extra shaft actually matched to the cue (e.g. has a matching shaft collar), or was it purchased separately?

    Original retail was $233 (msrp). They are lower-end Meucci cues, and the materials used tended to not age very well. The last four sales of the Meucci 233-5 pool cues I have in my records were for the following: $106, $250, $275, $209. All were in like-new condition.

    If your 2nd shaft is a matching shaft, you can probably add about $80 to the average. You'd be looking at somewhere around $275 to $325 for the cue and both shafts on a good day.

    And again, cue valuations are best done with photos.

  2. secsec on 2/28/2019 4:57:34 PM

    The Meucci 233-5 cue:



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Meucci 233-5 Pool Cue Value

  • Title: Meucci 233-5 Pool Cue Value
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  • Published: 2/26/2019 4:18:58 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/28/2019 1:17:16 AM
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