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Could Someone Help Me Identify This Cue?

Could Someone Help Me Identify This Cue?

I know this is my first time posting but I've been lurking around this forum for quite some time. What really persuaded me to register is the fact that I am now in possession of a cue that I cant recognize. I'm a poor to average player, and with little knowledge of cue sports and I really wonder what kind of cue it is.

Would someone please help me out?

Could Someone Help Me Identify This Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. lacusglacusg on 4/8/2012 3:07:15 PM

    Sorry for posting again, seems I did something wrong with the image uploading. The case tells nothing about the cue, as I bought it myself.

    It seems I'm unable to add pictures, so I'll just give a link

  2. lacusgAwdMan on 4/9/2012 1:28:53 PM

    Looks like a dominiak cue. http://www.dominiakcues.com/ , I am not sure about the model, but they are active so you could probably email them.


  3. lacusglacusg on 4/18/2012 8:23:42 AM

    Thank you very much Anthony!

  4. lacusgMark Bellamy on 12/20/2017 8:10:48 PM

    How much do you want for this pool cue?

    I pay via PayPal or with cash.

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Could Someone Help Me Identify This Cue?

  • Title: Could Someone Help Me Identify This Cue?
  • Author:
  • Published: 4/8/2012 2:53:21 PM