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Help Id Players Cue

Help Id Players Cue

Can anyone help me determine the model of this players cue from the photos I have available?



Help Id Players Cue

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  1. Brad Ridgewaybilliardsforum on 3/29/2018 2:50:13 PM

    It is a Players G-3332 pool cue from the Players G-Series (aka Players Graphics cue series). They are called "Graphics" cues because the designs are just that, instead of real inlays.

    It is a current model, and can be purchased from most dealers (including amazon.com) online for about $115 USD with a Players shaft.


    Players G-3332 Graphic Black and Bocote Swirl Cue

    • Solid black genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap for a classic, slip-free grip
    • Stainless steel joint collar with 5/16 x 18 pin gives a rock solid hit
    • 13mm premium Le Professional Le Pro tip This hard oak leather tip by Tweeten holds its shape longer and plays more uniform for more consistent play
    • Available in 18 - 21 ounces in half ounce increments
  2. Brad RidgewayBrad Ridgeway on 3/29/2018 2:54:22 PM

    Thanks. About to pick this one up for $20 with a cheap case and few other accessories.

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Help Id Players Cue

  • Title: Help Id Players Cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/29/2018 2:26:07 PM