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BHQ Cue Made for My Machinist Friend Kevin

BHQ Cue Made for My Machinist Friend Kevin

Kevin has helped me out quite a bit recently with some tooling and other things that will help me with efficiency. He didn't ask for a cue but I wanted to give him something for his help.

I recently took the cue to my friend at JDC'S new poolroom in Batesville Indiana. While I was there, I hooked up with my machinist buddy Kevin. I made this cue for him for helping me out with some tooling.

Jim's new pool room is nice. Nicer than the old one, and it's always a pleasure to shoot the breeze with him about pool cues.

BHQ Cue Made for My Machinist Friend Kevin

Replies & Comments

  1. BHQJDC on 5/28/2007 6:21:34 PM

    Thanks for coming out Brent. It is always a pleasure to have ya.

    And the cue you made for Kevin was very sharp. He seemed to really like the hit and couldn't seem to put it down.

    Stop out any time and bring your cues, even though I build and sell too, that's what pool and friends are all about.

    So if you guys haven't seen or shot with a BHQ custom cue, you're missing out on some very nice playing cues.

  2. BHQccn7 on 5/28/2007 11:42:00 PM

    I've only been lucky enough so far to try out a BHQ jumper and can say its way beyond anything out there.

    I'm not all that great a player to start with but this jumper makes it easy. In about a year or so I hope to get my BHQ playing cue and know my game is going to improve as too won't be able to lay it down. I might even sleep with it if I can figure out how to hide it from the wife. Maybe we had better not go there. LOL.

    Anyways look forward to my day and my BHQ playing cue. And you can bet you all will get a full report.

    Brent you are THE MAN and your following is growing with each and every cue your talented hands have created or touched.

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BHQ Cue Made for My Machinist Friend Kevin

  • Title: BHQ Cue Made for My Machinist Friend Kevin
  • Author: (Brent Hartman)
  • Published: 5/23/2007 6:26:16 AM