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Floyd Tibbetts
Occupation: Retired Teacher
Susanville, CA United States

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About Me

I am an older guy, and one problem with being around for so long you have so much to share. I'll try to keep it short as not to bore to many of you young-ins.

I have been married for 33 yrs have 3 daughters, 1 son, 8 grand-sons and, one little grand-daughter. All but 1 daughter and 1 grandson live within 2 miles of me and the wife. I am a retired math and shop teacher. To support my pool habits, bowling and golf habits we raise Boston Terriers. I live in the mountains of Northern California and I can experience hunting and fishing is at it best here. My son is a guide, and a very avid sportsman.

I have my own pool table so I shoot most every day. I started playing pool in 1964, while in high school. In 1966 I went to work for Uncle Sam and I enlisted. I'm a Vietnam veteran and have a total military service of 16 years (3 years active duty and the rest was with the national guard). I have been around the world at least once.

In 1979 I went to work for the Calif Dept of Corrections as a Vocational Instructor (Welding was my trade). I also taught Math. I retired 20 yrs later and have just been enjoying life ever since.

"My worst day at pool, was still far better than my best day at work"

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