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Letting a Less-Skilled Player Get In Your Head

Letting a Less-Skilled Player Get In Your Head

Sounds pretty strange but I got beat three time the other day by a banger. All I could think to myself was "why is this bothering me and why can't I beat him consistently".

This guy is a friend of the family and a regular drinking buddy around table. He doesn't play much and he doesn't really play all that well. I'm certain I wasn't getting sharked plus there was no reason for that in the first place.

This guy was banging balls left and right and when he did miss it was three or four ridiculous rails into the most improbable unintentional safeties against me that I've ever seen. He played absolutely no position on the table and just took the balls down as they came. Poor fundamentals and basic lack of interest in between corn nuts and Coronas.

I did win most of the games but it was a real struggle to find stroke. I hate losing games like that.

Letting a Less-Skilled Player Get In Your Head

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  1. Bishopshexcpoolgawdess on 4/24/2007 6:50:24 PM

    I do feel your pain!

    Lately, I find that when I go out on the weekends to the place I go to as a "regular", there have been a lot of "random" people coming in and also taking a stab at the table. Especially the table that I'm at.

    I suppose because I'm a "regular" there, and that many people who come in and out of there I leave an impression on. And with that being said I get these very off the wall opponents to shoot against. From people who kind of know how to play the game to people who never even been anywhere close to a stick. And like you I've unfortunately been struggling more against those of them who are very random and never even played the game.

    Stupid leaves. Ridiculously dumbfounded people who hit the ball hard and hope. Lucky ass balls that fall that never should have fallen.

    Nonetheless like I said before, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

  2. BishopA-Train on 4/30/2007 12:18:11 AM

    I've noticed that your play is directly in relationship to who you are playing against. I have one buddy who is far superior to the other and I match heads up against him pretty constantly. My other friend isn't as good and I find myself struggling against him much in the same way I do my better friend.

    If I'm playing a real beginner I typically run them over though, so I can't relate as much. I play the same way no matter who I'm up against, I don't believe in taking prisoners.

  3. Bishopccn7 on 4/30/2007 11:18:00 PM

    I think we have all been there and experienced that to some degree. When playing with friends and for fun, let it be just that, fun. If its a friend I know I can beat I'll back off and try some shots I wouldn't normally try. You know in your mind what your doing and when they beat you for one reason or another its a real thrill for them.

    Now when playing in tournaments we sometimes end up playing friends, but this time its not for fun, its for the "cheese". This is where I use the ole saying "play the table, and not the person"

    When playing the lucky, ball banging, house cue using, doesn't know the rules, new pool player hack, just grin and go with the roll. Let them have their moment of glory.

    One thing I noticed about the ball bangers is that once a bet is made even if its just a beer or soda or a dollar their game will fall apart and yours will remain at the upper level. They actually think after a few lucky wins they know how to play.

  4. BishopBruce on 3/25/2013 5:30:06 PM

    I won a trophy when I was playing against players that were much better than myself.

    When they had off days I used it to my advantage.

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Letting a Less-Skilled Player Get In Your Head

  • Title: Letting a Less-Skilled Player Get In Your Head
  • Author: (Ryan Jones)
  • Published: 4/24/2007 10:23:38 AM