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Going on the Road for Some Action

Going on the Road for Some Action

I am headed out of town for a few days and will be going to Greenville South Carolina. I will be leaving at 3:00 p.m. and will be there for 2 or 3 days. I hope I get some action while I am there. I will let every one know how it was when I get back home.

Going on the Road for Some Action

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  1. shark3149Bishop on 6/12/2007 9:38:55 AM

    Good luck Nate, and stroke'm clean.

  2. shark3149shark3149 on 6/12/2007 10:14:12 AM

    I sure hope we do well. A friend of mine lives there half the year so we know who to play with what spots to hit. I am really going just to have fun but if I can make some cash I'm all for that too.

  3. shark3149ccn7 on 6/14/2007 7:47:42 PM

    Good luck Nate, let that BHQ stick do your talking. Keep us informed on how things are going.

  4. shark3149socal_admin on 6/21/2007 8:41:34 PM

    Are there any champions down there?

  5. shark3149shark3149 on 6/26/2007 5:51:35 PM

    I returned on the morning of the 20th, and I have been going a little crazy since I got back. I made a mistake and I told every one I was going to SC and it was really NC. Greensburg. I am sorry for the mix up.

    Ok let me get to it.

    On the way down my truck broke down and I had to spend the night in a gas station. The auto parts store was just a block down the road so I got very lucky. The problem ended up just being a bad alternator. It took me twenty minutes and $125 to fix. Back on the road, the rest of the trip down was great. It ended up being 7 hours each way.

    When we finally got to the pool room it was kind of dead. It seems they had had some problems with gang fights the past few months. This chased off most of the better players.

    After getting a bite to eat I started hitting balls on the money table. The next thing I know a young kid about 20 asks if I would like to play some cheap one-pocket. I thought to my self "well at least it will pay for the table time". Well, when they say cheap they meant $50 a game. In Ohio that's not cheap. So I look at my friend that lives down there and he tells me "yeah, play the kid". So we start playing and the kid can't play a lick.

    Turns out that he is one of the local drug dealers and just likes to gamble. I beat him 5 straight games, the score was never even close. So he quits. I ask if he would like some weight and he tells me no, and says he is trying to lose some weight. At this point, I don't know what to say. Well I end up talking with the kid for a few hours and he turns out to be a very nice kid.

    My buddies and I leave and get a couple of rooms.

    The next day we get to the pool room when they open at noon. I hit some more balls and the owner walks in. My Buddy that lives down there knows him very well, and he tells me that he can get some guys for us to play. I told him that we are not really road players and that we just happened to be coming down to NC and thought we would play some. He tells me that most of the people that come in now are drug dealers and they don't play that well. Hell if that's the case line them up. Well to make a long story short I beat most of the players. I did lose to a few older guys that ended up playing very well, but for the most part I took the cash.

    It seems that all my buddies were intimidating to the locals so they got no action. I must look like a chump because I got all the action I wanted, or could handle. I could have played someone from the time the place opened till they closed at 2:30 PM. The thing is that these guys for the most part are not very good but just like to gamble. I will be planing another trip as soon as I can.

    @socal_admin - I only ran into two champions, and they are not really champions. They just played a little better than I did.

    Thanks for all the support, and yes I let my BHQ do all my talking. Thank you Brent for the great hitting and great looking cue. I just can't say enough good thing about the cue.

  6. shark3149ccn7 on 6/26/2007 6:11:41 PM

    Great story Nate thanks for sharing it with us. You mentioned playing some one-pocket. Was that the most popular game there? I'll tell ya, $50 a game isn't cheap around here either. $50 a set is standard (with a set being a race to 3).

    I am 60 years old, and I can tell you that you can't underestimate the "older guys". We may not have the eyes but we have a bit of knowledge.

    It sounds like you had a great time and that's whats most important. Having fun doing something you enjoy.

  7. shark3149shark3149 on 6/26/2007 11:07:12 PM

    Thanks, it was fun. I think the only game of nine ball I saw was with my two friends playing each other.

    The game of choice is one-pocket in that pool hall. I know the older guys are no joke. The older guys are the ones that play one-pocket the best.

    They seem to have more patience for the game. I am only 30 but I play the game very smart. I put pressure on by keeping balls by my hole but play a lot of safeties at the same time. I just like to take my time and wait for a good shot before I will get aggressive.

  8. shark3149Bishop on 6/27/2007 9:08:02 AM

    LMAO, I'm not sure that I would be wanting to win money from a drug dealer. They might just want it back.

  9. shark3149shark3149 on 6/27/2007 9:59:35 AM

    I thought about that but hell they have enough money that they don't mind losing a little. At least that is what I told my self.

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Going on the Road for Some Action

  • Title: Going on the Road for Some Action
  • Author: (Nate Ludy)
  • Published: 6/12/2007 2:07:02 AM