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I Was In-Stroke and Zoned In

I Was In-Stroke and Zoned In

Being "in-stroke" or "zoned in" at the pool table or whatever its called now, I was there last night in our weekly mini tournament.

It was 9 ball which I feel is my weakest game. I usually take 4th and sometimes 3rd most every week, but last night I won it all. Its a small tournament with anywhere from 12-18 players.

So anyways here is a brief description of what happened.

  • First match was an easy win 5-1 against one of the regulars. He's about a c- player.
  • Second match was against a new kid never seen him shoot but heard some woofing going on by his friend. It wasnt much of a match either 5-3, I scratched on the 7 giving him BIH for an easy run-out win.
  • Third match was against the top player he usually wins every week. I enjoy playing him the most as he really makes me play. This match went back and forth and ended up 4-4 both of us on the hill, he tried to play a safety and wasn't successful and I ran out for the match win.

Well now to jump forward. I made it to the hot seat undefeated.

The guy I beat earlier was back at me again. He won the flip and for the first two games I never got a shot. I was hooked up tight both games giving him BIH and thus him beating me. So it was 0-2.

Then in the third game he left me hooked again. I was tight against another ball in the far end of the table had to use the bridge to even reach the CB. Now all this time I'm getting all frustrated as I'm not getting a shot. I calm myself down grab the bridge shoot for the 6 ball and make it just where I had planned. The crowd clapped and I caught fire from there. It was like I couldn't miss after that, and I went on to win the next 5 for a 5-2 win. I had 2 break and runs and 2 nine ball combinations that were awesome. I wanted to play all night as I was truly in the zone. Its probably been 10-15 yrs since I was that zoned in. What a great feeling.

Anyways that the story, hope you enjoy it, as much as I did living it and sharing it.

I Was In-Stroke and Zoned In

Replies & Comments

  1. ccn7Tony_M on 6/16/2007 6:34:25 AM

    It is a great feeling when you are in dead punch isn't it?

    Congrats and good shooting.

  2. ccn7Bishop on 6/16/2007 10:53:01 AM

    Nothing beats two break and run outs within 5 games. That's some solid shooting right there.

  3. ccn7ccn7 on 6/16/2007 1:39:54 PM

    On one of the breaks I made 3 balls on the break, it was a night that everything was going my way. Sure wish I had of filmed it. I guess I'll just have to do it again.

    BTW this is only the second time I have done back to back run outs in my entire 40+ years of playing cue sports.

  4. ccn7Bishop on 6/16/2007 1:53:18 PM

    I've had back to back run-outs in 8 ball once but never in 9 ball so go figure.

    The more I play the more I'm convinced that an average or C player can consistently run tables out with a strong break. If I get two balls on the break in 9-ball my odds go way up. I guess its just simple numbers. Too bad it isn't a simple game.

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I Was In-Stroke and Zoned In

  • Title: I Was In-Stroke and Zoned In
  • Author: (Floyd Tibbetts)
  • Published: 6/15/2007 5:39:48 PM