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Billiard Table Advice?

Billiard Table Advice?

What tables do you like the best. I love my diamond table.

How about size of the table or cloth color?

I tend to play on 9 foot tables a lot less these days.It seems that there are more tournaments and action on bar tables in my area right now.I have a new 9 foot diamond and a valley bar box at home.

I tend to stick with the green felt.I have to say I hate the red color felts.It just seems hard for me to play well on red felt.

Billiard Table Advice?

Replies & Comments

  1. shark3149djkx1 on 3/24/2007 8:27:10 AM

    If you ever need a house sitter, let me know.

    I started playing on Gold Crowns when I was a kid, and I've always liked them a lot. For me though, as long as they are well kept, any 9' table is fine. Brunswick and Olhausen are the most common around here so there are a lot of tables I haven't played on.

    Lately I have been limited to playing on old beat up 8' bar tables, and I'm getting tired of it.

    Cloth for me has to be green or blue. Anything else just seems wrong.

  2. shark3149shark3149 on 3/24/2007 12:50:18 PM

    I am always looking to have friends over to play.My brother in law an I are in a one pocket game that has been going on for 3 months.The problem s we have a hard time getting time off at the same time.I know it seems kind of weird to keep the same game going that long but its fun.

    I grew up playing on gold crowns and they are great tables.I just got a great deal on my diamond so thats what I bought.I was looking for a table from the early 1800's but settled on the diamond.

    The thing is most every one has gone to bar tables in my area so now I am stuck playing on them.I play at least two tournaments a week and they are all on bar boxes.where has all the 9 foot action gone.

  3. shark3149A-Train on 3/29/2007 2:15:28 PM

    I love my Connelly pool table.

  4. shark3149shark3149 on 3/29/2007 3:53:06 PM

    I hope one of these days we will all get the chance to meet and play a little pool.

    Connelly pool tables play great, sorry if I didn't add them as one of my favorite tables to play on.

  5. shark3149A-Train on 3/29/2007 6:13:34 PM

    No offense taken. They aren't a well known brand unfortunately. I love it to death though.

  6. shark3149shark3149 on 3/29/2007 7:47:57 PM

    I think they should be better known because the do play great.

  7. shark3149ccn7 on 4/19/2007 4:12:36 PM

    I grew up playing on Brunswick, I now own a 8' Brunswick as thats all my room will allow. I like the play of 860 cloth and like to blue/green felt, but am looking at covering it this time with the tournament blue.

  8. shark3149Tony_M on 6/16/2007 6:19:48 AM

    I also played on Brunswick's as I was learning the game. Currently I have a Gold Crown II in my basement.

    There are not many pool rooms near where I live, I have to drive almost an hour to reach the nearest one. All of the action in my area are on barboxes.

    There is a new room about an hour and a half away that has diamond tables, I have played their a few times. Those tables play tougher than a standard Gold Crown, but I am not sure if they are tougher than a tight shimmed Crown.

    One thing I like about the Diamonds is the light box! I have been looking for these for my room.

  9. shark3149shark3149 on 6/26/2007 5:59:19 PM

    The room I play in has one of the toughest Diamond tables I have ever seen.The pockets are deep so you have to shoot the ball in the center of the pocket if you shoot with any speed and expect to make the ball.I love playing on the table it makes me stay focused on my point of aim.Then when some one players me on the table and is not use to it they are taken out of there game.It sure does help when you are playing for the cash.

  10. shark3149219Dave on 7/8/2007 8:37:56 AM

    I have an 8 foot pro Olhausen Remington with Olive Simonis 860. Got it in December, and am very happy with it.

    I think that when I change the cloth I'll try the tournament blue.

    The guy that has two tables in his house is my hero.

    I love my Olhausen, but sometimes I lust after the Diamond pro. Can you post pictures of yours?

  11. shark3149shark3149 on 7/15/2007 1:41:01 AM

    I would like to let every one know,I have moved and no longer have two tables.I got rid of the bar box and have not put up my Diamond as of yet.I will post some pictures of the table and of my cues as soon as I get things put together.

  12. shark3149catdaddy on 7/18/2007 10:22:29 PM

    I am about to open my second billiard parlor, my first was back in 1991 and liquidated it in 1994.

    I am planning on 5 DIAMOND SMART TABLES so I'll try to keep everyone posted as things develop.

    This hall is no smoking and I am still weighing in on if we will carry alcohol. I am leaning towards a BYOB with door charge.

    I have a little over 1600 sq. ft. which allows 4 tables on the main room and 1 in the green room (professional private shooting). The green room will feature tighter pockets (4's) which leads to better shooting.

    Anyway, I'll keep updating here or you can watch for the site: breaktimebilliards.us

  13. shark3149Tony_M on 7/19/2007 5:17:30 AM

    Congrats on the Pool Room

    I have to ask, is it possible to make money (after all of your monthly expenses) with a pool room with 5 tables?

  14. shark3149catdaddy on 7/21/2007 10:14:46 PM

    @Tony_M and others - First understand that I have a day job as a Tiger Conservationist that pays very well.

    It is very possible to make money with only 5 tables. The most important part to consider is not how much you make but rather how much you can keep after expenses. We pull in just at $70,000 in profits each year. The keys to success here were low rent and utilities and it takes only 2 staff members to run the site, and most often times only 1 person to operate.

    In our situation I bought the site (10 acres with a house), I rent out the left side of the house out to college students for about $1,200 (which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room kitchen and dinning with utility room). I also managed to set in 4 rental lots along the back 10 acres, of which 2 are already rented out for an additional $500 per month.

    There is also a metal building that I am renovating for use as either a produce stand or a cafe. There is additional development available for me to either run a farmers market or a mini-storage complex and most likely both if I decide to go that route.

    But back to the house. After renting the one side out I then took an old attached den/family room with fire place (16'x16.5') and 3 car garage (25'X32')and made use of a 12X10' area as an office area and then added on an additional 500 sq. ft. along the back side and converted it into the pool hall. The total amount of footage is just over 1,600 sq. ft. I'll try to set some pictures of the development when I can take time to upload them etc.

    The utilities are all tied to the existing home so my expenses there are covered by the rental units for college students as a dorm. The rent is zero since I own the house and already covered the mortgage with the existing income. This pool hall is geared towards neighborhood youth and young people looking for something cool to do in the evenings so it all works out.

    The site sits on a busy corner with average drive by traffic counts at 6,710 vehicles per day. There are 3 school districts located within 8-10 miles from the structure.

    What's really cool is that after about 2-3 years of operations I should be able to take the operations here and use it for the needed experience of running a larger more profitable operation. I intend to set it in with just about any bank to cover needed loans for building a larger facility with beer sales etc. My thoughts are 10 to 12K sq. ft. but I want to be sure that I control (own) the real estate and equipment or in my case at least be buying it. That operation will be set in with 44 tables. I plan to run 34 of the 8' smart tables and about 10 of the 9' smart tables.

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Billiard Table Advice?

  • Title: Billiard Table Advice?
  • Author: (Nate Ludy)
  • Published: 3/24/2007 1:10:14 AM