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Reminiscing About Past Pool Tournaments

Reminiscing About Past Pool Tournaments

I was just going through some boxes as I am moving and found a bunch of memorabilia of past pool tournaments and gambling sessions that I had attended.

The funny thing is even though I have not looked at these things in years, I found myself going back in time.

I picked up a piece of chalk and that looked old and used up and knew right away what match it came from. I could see this great match up between two local players, who, when I started playing helped me out a lot.

Then I pick up a flyer for the Akron Open. I believe it was the last year the tournament was ever held, but the date is messed up and I can't read it as it got wet some time ago. I can still see all the pro players that I had the chance to meet and watch play. This was my first big time tournament. I have been hooked every since.

I was just wondering how many others keep things as reminders of a great match up or tournament.

Reminiscing About Past Pool Tournaments

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