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The Future of Cue Sports in Erie, PA or Lack Thereof

The Future of Cue Sports in Erie, PA or Lack Thereof

You may have looked at the title of this post and thought, "whats he talking about?" If you did, then maybe you don't have a problem getting someone to play you wherever you live.

This can mean only 1 of two things: 1. You don't live in Erie,PA where there's only 1 person who'll even take the chance to play me, and that's only cause' he's the BEST in the city.2. You stink, and might as well just quit playing anyhow.

Pool playing has dropped off something fierce in this pathetic city. I rarely even play, and STILL can't get anyone other than that one guy to play me.

Whats up with that?

I'm at the point now where I'd like to just quit playing all-together, but I have way too much $ tied up in pool items that I won't be able to get back.

It has gotten so bad here that when I was actually bored out of my mind last weekend, and went to go "play pool" at the main pool-hall, the only one there with even a thought of playing was a kid from out of town, just here for a birthday party with his girlfriend. Even though I don't play but maybe once or twice a month, I CRUSHED this kid. The first set he was up 3-0, so I had to put an end to his "reign of terror" and beat him 5-3. Lets just say the second set was a 1-sided win all the way for me, with a score of 5-0 . LOL. He was talked up by the counter-man so much to me, that I really wanted to play him to begin with. He was supposed to be a "rack runner" as the counter-man called him, so I expected some serious action for once, but got heavily let-down.

For anyone reading this, if its a "game" you're looking for, DON'T come by Erie, PA. You'll be heavily wasting your time, gas to get here, plus the money it takes to get here. You're better off going anywhere but here, honestly. I don't know if staying with this game is gonna happen for me unless I move away from here.

Any suggestions as to where there is REAL action at? I'm not meaning just money games, just people wanting to play would be fine also.


The Future of Cue Sports in Erie, PA or Lack Thereof

Replies & Comments

  1. jeffdukeccn7 on 7/25/2007 6:59:15 PM

    Why not give the tournament trail a ride? Maybe not actually join a tour but look for some of the open ones.

    But if it were me, I'd just quit and sell all my stuff real cheap to all the good people on here.

    Now you could keep the cues sell the house, and get one big enough for a pool table, free pool will draw them out and you supply the beer.

    As far as best city to live in for a pool player, I have no idea. Maybe start another thread with that as the topic.

  2. jeffdukejeffduke on 7/25/2007 8:48:52 PM

    Well, @CCN7, I have TRIED selling some cues here pretty cheap, but nothing. I guess nobody knows the quality of the cues I sell. Someday, they WILL know but these cues will be out of reach for most people. Just wait cause' the prices of the cues I sell will jump in a couple years. Watch and see.

  3. jeffdukeBishop on 7/26/2007 12:03:58 PM

    Texas is a good pool place. Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston. I live in Corpus Christie, TX and it's OK here. It sounds like you need to compete in a tournament or pool league. If anything you'll at least exercise your game a bit.

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The Future of Cue Sports in Erie, PA or Lack Thereof

  • Title: The Future of Cue Sports in Erie, PA or Lack Thereof
  • Author: (Jeff Duke)
  • Published: 7/25/2007 2:56:29 PM