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Playing Billiards Under Stress

Playing Billiards Under Stress

I've noticed in MY playing that I can play lights-out for little or no money against most people, but as soon as I step up to the table with our city's BEST player, Dan M., I play fine for a set or two (maybe three) but after that, my better judgment gets the better of me and I start playing poorly.

I know what needs to be done and how to get from point A to point B etc., but for some reason I begin thinking about him being able to run out on me if I miss, so eventually I do, and he does. I have tried playing him MANY times, especially recently, and its ALWAYS the same outcome. I LOSE!

Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem, but he's the only one in this city with the "heart" to play me. Nobody else takes the chance. When I was beginning to play, I wanted to play anyone, and did for the most part.

Where has all the pride gone in this game? You'd think someone would at least want the "bragging rights" for beating me in a couple games even though they're probably going to lose most games. I just don't get it. Has NOBODY any "heart" anymore? Has this game gotten so low to where someone will ONLY play you if they KNOW they're going to win? That's pathetic!


Playing Billiards Under Stress

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