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Floor Plan for Pool Table Room

Floor Plan for Pool Table Room

I have a choice between 3 floor plans and they are all gonna blow your minds. Updates to come, but just prepare for the ultimate jealousy in regards to a pool table room.

Floor Plan for Pool Table Room

Replies & Comments

  1. A-Trainccn7 on 5/3/2007 5:48:18 PM

    Hey thats great, cant wait to see the pictures. What kind of pool table do you have in mind? Are we all invited to come by and play?

    My room has an 8' Brunswick billiards table. That's my Budweiser beer stein collection up on the shelf. And anyone who is ever in Northern California is very welcome to drop by for a cold one, and shoot a rack or two.

  2. A-TrainManiac on 5/3/2007 10:44:30 PM

    If I told you that I ALREADY have a table in my house (8' Brunswick Bradford) AND that my house is less than a year of being paid for, who do you think is going to be the jealous one?

    Congrats on the new investments!

  3. A-TrainBishop on 5/4/2007 9:46:41 AM

    What type of home?

  4. A-TrainManiac on 5/4/2007 10:09:33 AM

    The type you no longer have to pay for!

    Seriously, it's just the basic 1,500 sq. ft. brick home, 3/2/2 w/fireplace, in a subdivision. It's nothing fancy, but it's mine!

    We converted the living room (19.5' X 14.5') into a pool room. We made one of the spare bedrooms (it's just the wife and I) into a den. We (together) shoot pool on the average of 3 times a week. I use it everyday for 2-3 hours (I'm retired).

    Enjoy your new home and new pool table as much as we do ours!

  5. A-TrainA-Train on 5/4/2007 2:58:12 PM

    I can't say I'm not a little jealous about that.

  6. A-TrainBishop on 5/5/2007 9:33:09 AM

    I hoping to get myself a similar setup. I'm working real hard on closing 2 acres and about this time next year after I pay the land off I'll put up a modest modular home with a 25 x 20 game room that should work well with a 9' pool table.

    If all else fails I can always build a building on the property since I'll have the room.

    Good luck @A-Train.

  7. A-TrainA-Train on 5/5/2007 10:24:43 PM

    Thanks man.

    I've got 3 options. 1. 2400 square feet on basically one story. There is a loft upstairs that is like 20'x20' and is perfect for my 9 foot. (a Connelly Ultimate pool table)2. 2200 sq. ft. 2 story. The downstairs area is like 21' x 16' off of the kitchen area and I could get a table top for a dining type area. There is a loft upstairs for TV and all that.3. The same 2200 sq. ft. plan but the loft upstairs is expanded to be MASSIVE. Like another 350+ square feet bigger so it's like probably 16' x 25' or more which would be OUTSTANDING for the pool room. I just have to see what my developer is going to build on the site I want to live in, or beg them to do one of these instead.

  8. A-TrainTony_M on 6/8/2007 6:58:51 AM

    I have been remodeling my pool room, to include a wet bar, and draft beer.

    Should be finished this time next week. Carpet is coming in on the 14th.

  9. A-Trainccn7 on 6/9/2007 7:33:01 PM

    Looking good there Tony.

    So when is the grand opening and do we need to make reservation now?

    Please tell me you live close by me.

    Oh and one last thing what kind of beer is gonna be on tap?

  10. A-TrainTony_M on 6/15/2007 8:29:50 AM

    Thanks all for the kind words, hopefully the carpet will be in soon, then it "officially" opens.

    To date I have Yuengling on tap. It is a regional beer that is brewed close to where I grew up.

    I also want to tap Guinness and similar beers, but I need to change out my CO2 tank for a nitrogen tank, and I have to change out the beer tap itself and the faucet.

    I live in Maryland BTW

  11. A-TrainBishop on 6/15/2007 9:32:24 AM

    What kind of beer is Yuengling?

  12. A-Trainccn7 on 6/15/2007 11:44:16 AM

    Being its at Tony's place its the best beer, FREE BEER. Give us a hint where you live, I have a very large collection of Beer Mugs I'll share.

  13. A-TrainTony_M on 6/16/2007 6:12:20 AM

    Link to Yuengling website they make some great beers, and they are still all brewed in Pottsville PA. They have not outsourced their products like so many others have done.


    Currently I have the lager on tap. I live in Southern Maryland.

  14. A-TrainBishop on 6/16/2007 10:54:28 AM

    Too bad they can't ship to non distributors I'd be interested in trying some.

  15. A-TrainTony_M on 6/30/2007 7:41:32 AM

    If you are interested in seeing the final pictures, of the bar/pool room here they are. Got the carpet installed last week.

    All told this project took almost 4 months, during which my pool table served as a storage unit and trim staining table. As a result my game really suffered.

    Now that everything is done, I can focus on my game again.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures,

    Picture of front of bar:

    Pool Room and table from doorway:

    Closer picture of Bar and the Back bar area:

    Pocket Cut on Gold Crown II, nice double shim:

    Picture of Pool Room from the other side, you can see the bar I just completed, overlooking the front of the room:

  16. A-TrainA-Train on 7/5/2007 6:23:57 PM

    Wow man, that is unreal. I'm gonna have a hard time getting mine to look so good.

  17. A-TrainBishop on 7/6/2007 9:18:41 AM

    The bar looks great. Thanks for setting a my standards up so high.

  18. A-TrainTony_M on 7/7/2007 7:07:41 PM

    Thanks for the kind words.

    The key thing I found out about this was not to rush the project take your time, and it will turn out right.

  19. A-TrainA-Train on 8/1/2007 9:23:14 PM


    No kidding. How am I supposed to keep up with the Joneses when this kind of stuff shows up.

  20. A-TrainTony_M on 8/2/2007 6:16:32 AM

    Trust me if I can do it anyone can.

    The important thing is to take your time, My pool room was a wreck for 3 months in which I could not hit a ball, because my table was used in every other way to facilitate the creation of this bar.

    Another important thing is planning. Before I started I searched websites for home bar pictures. There are a number of useful sites on the internet, that had pictures of home made completed bars, and also some as they were constructed. Just google home bars, and have fun looking!

    Reviewing these sites, lets you see the possibilities, then it is a matter of planning out your project, and shopping for the materials.

    Because I made the bar in mahogany, I could not go down to my local Lowes or Home Depot, and buy the wood. Again internet websites were the way to go. I was surprised to find out as I did research on prices, that Mahogany prices were on the order of Cherry. I knew from the start I did not want to build this in Oak, because I was trying to achieve an older, darker look. Because I could not buy this material locally, I had to be careful where online I ordered from, to save on shipping costs. For the most part everything was shipped by either FedEx or UPS, but both of these have size restrictions.

    Well enough of this, A-Train, how are your house plans coming along?

  21. A-TrainA-Train on 8/3/2007 6:53:53 PM

    I'm probably looking to make my purchase in December or January. I figure the market will be basically stagnant and some poor bastard will drop his pants to give me the price on a home that I'm looking for.

    So, during the holiday season, I'm going to be low-balling people on their homes.

    "Merry Christmas, I just stole your house."

  22. A-TrainTony_M on 8/4/2007 5:40:33 AM

    It is a buyers market in my neck of the woods too.

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Floor Plan for Pool Table Room

  • Title: Floor Plan for Pool Table Room
  • Author: (Adam Stevermer)
  • Published: 5/3/2007 4:20:01 PM