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My New BHQ Break Cue Shipping Monday

My New BHQ Break Cue Shipping Monday

I ordered a new Dufferin conversion break cue from BHQ and it is shipping on Monday. I am looking forward to it.

I had a deal go bad on a used one and Brent swooped right in and had a new one for me ready to go.

It'll be a purpleheart shaft so it's going to be kinda strange looking but it'll be unique.

I'm sure I'll play with it at times, but it'll be used as a break cue for the most part.

My New BHQ Break Cue Shipping Monday

Replies & Comments

  1. BishopBHQ on 6/23/2007 7:10:41 PM

    Here are some photos of the BHQ Dufferin Conversion Cue for Bishop (which, YES, will be shipping on monday).

    Ryan wanted to try out a purpleheart shaft. I took it out last night and knocked some balls around for awhile. It broke great. I loaned it out to few guys at the pool hall to try out and one monster huge guy couldn't keep the cue ball in the room, let alone on the table.

    I hope you enjoy it Ryan, it ships Monday.

  2. Bishopccn7 on 6/24/2007 12:56:26 PM

    I'm jealous. It is a great looking cue Brent.

    Bishop, your a man after my own heart. The Purple Heart Shaft is the bomb. Keep us informed on how you like it and how it plays.

    I too will have a BHQ with a purpleheart shaft in about a year or so. LOL.

    Bishop, if you decide you don't like it for any reason give me a holler. Don't put it up for sale as @Jazz will beat me to it, just as he has in the past (and he has enough BHQ sticks already). Well maybe a person can never have enough BHQ cues?

  3. BishopBHQ on 6/24/2007 2:17:38 PM

    @ccn7 - You're too kind! I am spraying your cues right now Floyd, and NO, all three shafts won't be a year, my friend.

  4. BishopBishop on 6/25/2007 12:07:09 PM

    The purple heart shaft should be fun. I don't think anyone I play with has ever seen anything like that so it'll be interesting when I break it out.

    I'll call it the "purple people eater"

    In any event an old broomstick would be an improvement over my current J&J break cue so I'm pretty excited over getting this. I'm sure I'll love it.

    @ccn7 - don't worry I'll never let any cue I own go to @Jazz. If I ever move it I'll hit you up first but please don't hold your breath.

  5. Bishopccn7 on 6/25/2007 2:08:41 PM

    Brent so you think I'M KIND? Not compared to YOU. But, YES, I AM KIND in a way. I'm KIND of excited about my cues! Wait, did I say excited? Well that doesn't really cover how I really feel. I'm at a loss for the right word.

    Also I feel kind of lucky to be able to get such great looking cues as my first custom pool sticks, and at such a reasonable price. THIS is where your so KIND, and also with passing off you talent to others so that we too can enjoy your passion and make our passion for playing that much more enjoyable knowing we have one of the BEST.

  6. Bishopshark3149 on 6/26/2007 11:14:22 PM

    I have to speak up. I have not yet played with a purpleheart shaft but I hear they break great.

    You could not get a better guy than Brent to build your cue. His cues play so well you will want another one. I think it's like Lays potato chips (I bet you cant take just one).

    Hey Brent, if you see this don't jack up the price of my next two cues. LOL.

  7. BishopBHQ on 6/27/2007 6:25:32 AM

    Ha ha, are you referring to the $1000 matched set of cues?

  8. Bishopshark3149 on 6/27/2007 10:03:03 AM

    Yeah. Some how I knew the price was going to go up. LOL.

    We will just have to work something out. I might just have to be your slave for a year. LOL.

  9. BishopBishop on 6/29/2007 2:40:09 PM

    I got her today. It sat in my apartment complex's office for two days because I don't check my mail on a regular basis.

    I'll get a chance to put the test drive on it tonight and when I do, a performance review will follow.

    I will say this though, its a hell of a lot nicer than I was expecting. With the unusual wood combos I didn't know exactly what to expect and even my wife was like "damn that's a lot nicer that I thought it would be".

    The photos above do zero justice to the fit and finish of the cue. It is just one of those things where its 10 times nicer in the hand than in the photo.

    I can't imagine I'd find more stick for anywhere near that price. I get it now, this stuff is way under priced. I would have easily paid double if I thought it would come out this good.

    I'll let you guys know what I think of the Buffalo tip tomorrow. In the meantime you guys may want to hit Brent up while the gettin' is good. He's not going to stay this underrated forever.

  10. BishopBHQ on 6/29/2007 3:02:29 PM

    I guess it's better to be underrated than to be overrated.

    Send more cash if you really mean what you said. LOL. You're a character.

    I hope you enjoy the cue, and thank you again.

  11. BishopBishop on 6/29/2007 3:49:17 PM

    I don't know, being overrated isn't all that bad. Think about this for second. You could half-ass everything and charge four times the going rate.

    Then make a trip to my place here in Texas and spend the extra funds on the 3 B's. BBQ, Booze, and Babes.

    I'm game.

  12. BishopBishop on 7/12/2007 4:58:36 PM

    I'm happy to report this deal has worked out well for me.

    I've kept far more cue balls on the table with a considerable increase in ball spread. I love the feel of the purpleheart shaft.

    There doesn't seem to be any wiggle room at all with this cue, which is exactly what I want out of break cue. Solid, firm, strong hit.

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My New BHQ Break Cue Shipping Monday

  • Title: My New BHQ Break Cue Shipping Monday
  • Author: (Ryan Jones)
  • Published: 6/23/2007 12:00:35 PM