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Vintage (?) Joss Pool Cue Identification and Pricing

Vintage (?) Joss Pool Cue Identification and Pricing

I have come across what I believe to be a vintage Joss pool cue.

I would love to know what price point something like this would usually sell for. My dad was gifted the Joss cue by a 94-year-old French lady who used to own a bar in Panama City, FL.

I don't know anything about cues, but it looks like this one's in pretty great condition. I've looked all over, and can't find any serial numbers or markings besides the brand "Joss".

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations, I'd love to hear 'em.








Vintage (?) Joss Pool Cue Identification and Pricing

Replies & Comments

  1. user1586982633billiardsforum on 4/15/2020 4:26:34 PM

    You have what looks to be a late 1980s Joss J-22 cue.

    The butt sleeve, forearm, and points are all made from birds-eye maple.

    The Joss J22 pool cue had a MSRP at the time of $650. Today it would be worth around half of that, give or take.

    Here it is from the 3rd edition of the Blue Book of Pool Cues:


  2. user1586982633Type79 on 4/15/2020 4:37:21 PM

    If you have any interest in selling this cue, I might be interested. You can contact me at jfishbein@snet.net

    Thank you Jay

  3. user1586982633Type79 on 5/18/2020 7:51:07 PM

    I've been messaging with you on eBay. Could you email me at jfishbein@snet.net ?


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Vintage (?) Joss Pool Cue Identification and Pricing

  • Title: Vintage (?) Joss Pool Cue Identification and Pricing
  • Author: (Grayson Campbell)
  • Published: 4/15/2020 1:30:34 PM
  • Last Updated: 4/15/2020 4:29:45 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)