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Early McWorter Cue Identification

Early McWorter Cue Identification

I have owned this cue since about 1990. I was told at the time that it is an early cue made by Jerry McWorter (and I believe that assessment).

I know that McWorter didn’t mark his early cues.

Does anyone know anything about him or his cues? Is there any way to tell if he made this cue?

I appreciate any information.

Here are a few pics of the Mcworter cue:



Early McWorter Cue Identification

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  1. user1643068073billiardsforum on 1/24/2022 4:09:14 PM

    I couldn't find this specific McWorter cue model in any of the brochures, catalogs, or other materials in my archives.

    Your next step would be to take clear and detailed photos of all aspects of the cue, including the joint pin and insert, the joint collars on the cue and shaft, and under the rubber bumper if possible. With those, you can reach out to McWorter Cues for verification:

    Mr. Jerry McWorter
    (805) 648-2225

    His website states:

    If you have any questions about McWorter Cues or pricing please feel free to contact me.

    Do let us know what, if anything, you find out from Jerry.

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Early McWorter Cue Identification

  • Title: Early McWorter Cue Identification
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  • Published: 1/24/2022 3:47:54 PM
  • Last Updated: 1/26/2022 2:19:42 PM
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