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No-Name 6-Piece Cues

No-Name 6-Piece Cues


I am seeking info on my two vintage cues, nearly identical, with no brand name. Each detaches into 6 pieces.

Each thick and thin piece detaches into 3 pieces.

Each cue has a metal manufacturer's plate but just about all of the embossed printing has worn off.

You can still make out "Superb Handcrafted" - "Imported Cues" - "Genuine Candadian Maple Shaft" "Preferred by Professionals" - "Take Apart Construction" "Solid Brass Xxxx Joint" "Hand Rubbed"

Can someone provide any info, as in how rare are these? what kind of value might they have?

I described them to a billiards shop, and I was told that they are likely not made in the USA. The guy thought they might be Dufferin, perhaps because of the Canadian maple, but I have no idea.

Thank you in advance.

No-Name 6-Piece Cues

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No-Name 6-Piece Cues

  • Title: No-Name 6-Piece Cues
  • Author: (Charles Cozic)
  • Published: 6/22/2013 3:43:24 PM