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My New DZ Custom Billiard Cue

My New DZ Custom Billiard Cue

I'm impatient and can't wait to show off my new Dzuricky cue. I just picked it up today after a grueling time waiting for it to be built.

I am thinking that this DZ cue will hopefully be my last cue purchased and I'll just buy shafts and things for it. But we'll see. LOL.

My New DZ Custom Billiard Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. jeffdukeBishop on 10/6/2007 8:40:16 AM

    I call BS on that. Once you start the cycle of buying and selling pool cues you'll forever be in search of the next fix.

  2. jeffdukejeffduke on 10/6/2007 9:32:17 AM

    @Bishop, you might be right because I already have the design for a new ebony S/P in mind. But I'm not sure if I really want it. LOL.

    I've just been buying and selling pool cues for way too long, and have spent a fortune doing it! I'm at least going to be taking a long break from it, so we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for calling me out like that, but I guess I should expect that on these forums.

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My New DZ Custom Billiard Cue

  • Title: My New DZ Custom Billiard Cue
  • Author: (Jeff Duke)
  • Published: 10/5/2007 3:32:58 PM