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Willie Mosconi Cue Identification

Willie Mosconi Cue Identification

Here is a a Willie Mosconi cue.

Does anyone have info about this cue? I am also looking to know it's value.


Willie Mosconi Cue Identification

Replies & Comments

  1. user1584881315billiardsforum on 3/28/2020 4:15:54 AM

    Would you mind sharing a clear photo of the tag and writing near the joint on your Willie Mosconi cue?

    Also, what does the sticker on the butt say? I can't fully make it out.

    Is the tip a "screw-on" cue tip?

  2. user1584881315user1584881315 on 3/29/2020 12:44:26 AM

    It isn't a screw-on tip.

    The five stickers say;

    1. Take apart construction
    2. Willie Mosconi
    3. Genuine hardwood shaft, hand rubbed selected wood, positive looking solid brass, super strength joint, perfectly hand balance, preferred by professionals.
    4. 16oz
    5. GW5039, 40497


    IMG_20200329_093605.jpg IMG_20200329_093629.jpg

    IMG_20200329_093639.jpg IMG_20200329_093652.jpg

  3. user1584881315billiardsforum on 3/29/2020 11:34:02 AM

    So I believe this is an inexpensive AJAY Willie Mosconi cue.

    AJAY cues used the "Take Apart Construction" stickers, so that's what led me to that conclusion.

    It is worth only what it's utility value might be - under $40.

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Willie Mosconi Cue Identification

  • Title: Willie Mosconi Cue Identification
  • Author: (Jeremiah Voll)
  • Published: 3/26/2020 12:28:26 PM
  • Last Updated: 3/28/2020 4:14:05 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)