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Identify a "Shamrock" Pool Cue - What is this Brand?

Identify a "Shamrock" Pool Cue - What is this Brand?

I purchased a McDermott pool cue and this Shamrock cue came with it.

I'm not sure what brand it is and I don't know anything about it.


Identify a "Shamrock" Pool Cue - What is this Brand?

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  1. user1591241400billiardsforum on 6/4/2020 3:05:56 AM


    The model is the Shamrock "Nashotoa" Cue, model #18-603.


    About Shamrock Brand Cues:

    The brand is "Shamrock". It was a low-end economy brand from McDermott. They wanted to offer a low-priced alternative to their more expensive North-American made McDermott-branded cues. Many of the big North American brands, like Meucci Cue and others, started importing low-end lines from overseas because these inexpensive import cues were starting to flood the US market anyway.

    They started importing in 2001 and I believe they were sold up through 2004-2005.

    From the website in 2001:

    Shamrock Cues

    A new line of cues for beginners. Distributed, designed, serviced, and backed by McDermott Cue. Come in and meet our Shamrock expert.

    Winning begins with Shamrock!

    You still shootin' with a house cue or know someone shootin' with a house cue?? C'mon, Click the Shamrock and we'll talk.

    After clicking, the page said:

    Ok, here is what I would do:

    First hit the "Why a Shamrock Cue" page. Good info there. Then go find a cue you like. Lots of options from Shamrock Sneaky Pete's to Shamrock cues with real inlays. And last, go find a dealer near you. In no time you will have your own cue and your game will just keep getting better!

    Offered, Inspected, and Serviced by McDermott Cue. You can't go wrong for your first cue.

    From the "Why a Shamrock" page:

    This is what I've learned: * Hard Rock Maple Shafts * One Year Limited Warranty * Exclusive Designs * Interchangeable Weight Bolts * Pressed Irish Linen Wraps

    and the best part...

    All Shamrock cues will be inspected and serviced by McDermott Cue. McDermott Cue is the #1 manufacturer of pool cues in the world, so they won't mess this gig up, trust me.

    Yours is one of the higher-end Shamrock cues, from the "Exotic Woods" line. It's a two-piece maple cue with exotic wood inlays.

  2. user1591241400user1591241400 on 6/4/2020 5:44:41 PM

    Thanks to the forum for identifying my new cue so well.

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Identify a "Shamrock" Pool Cue - What is this Brand?

  • Title: Identify a "Shamrock" Pool Cue - What is this Brand?
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/3/2020 8:30:01 PM
  • Last Updated: 6/4/2020 2:40:16 AM
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