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Fury Pool Cue Model ID

Fury Pool Cue Model ID

I am looking for help to identify the model of this Fury pool cue.


Fury Pool Cue Model ID

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  1. user1694361621billiardsforum on 9/12/2023 6:20:44 AM

    It is a Fury DL-15 pool cue (FUDL15) from the Fury DL series.

    MSRP is $115 USD, and used, the cue would be worth about half of that in excellent condition.

    Fury DL-15 Cue

    This cue has an ebony-stained maple butt with imitation ivory floating points moving in both directions from the center of the design. This cue is unwrapped, allowing the design to fully capture the eye on this unique pool cue. There are also silver rings on either side of the butt.


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Fury Pool Cue Model ID

  • Title: Fury Pool Cue Model ID
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/10/2023 4:00:21 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/12/2023 6:09:40 AM
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