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Jim Rempe Meucci JR-3 Cue Value

Jim Rempe Meucci JR-3 Cue Value

I won this Jim Rempe Meucci JR-3 cue stick in a Chinese auction. It came with 2 shafts. It’s in great condition.

Can anyone tell me how much a Meucci JR3 cue is worth?


D4113D25-492C-463B-A7FD-1C14078A4DC9.jpeg 79F28D84-9C0E-429C-A347-17C4F0DF2304.jpeg

Jim Rempe Meucci JR-3 Cue Value

Replies & Comments

  1. 88will88billiardsforum on 10/13/2020 2:15:00 PM

    You have a Meucci JR-3 cue from the Meucci Jim Rempe series.

    The rubber bumper doesn't appear to be it's original (which would be black in color).

    For more info, and hints on value of a Meucci JR3 cue, see the following previous question:

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Jim Rempe Meucci JR-3 Cue Value

  • Title: Jim Rempe Meucci JR-3 Cue Value
  • Author: (Will Yoho)
  • Published: 10/11/2020 11:06:22 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/13/2020 2:18:59 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)