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ID Brand of 2 Pool Cues I Just Bought

ID Brand of 2 Pool Cues I Just Bought

I got these two pool cues at auction and wound up spending more than I can afford. Can someone tell me if i made i wise investment?

Any help identifying these two cues is greatly appreciated.





ID Brand of 2 Pool Cues I Just Bought

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  1. 8BallNormbilliardsforum on 10/26/2021 2:06:42 PM

    The first cue brands which came to mind when looking at these cues are Schmelke and Huebler, though, I doubt it's from either of those manufacturers. There's nothing similar in the catalogs, and they'd typically have logos if they were from those brands.

    I also just realized someone tried to have these two pool cues identified previously to you, and nothing turned up then either.

    I'll keep looking around and if anything comes up, I'll update you here. Please do the same if you end up finding out what they are before that.

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ID Brand of 2 Pool Cues I Just Bought

  • Title: ID Brand of 2 Pool Cues I Just Bought
  • Author: (Norman Bayona)
  • Published: 9/10/2021 4:08:05 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/26/2021 2:55:30 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)