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Pool Cue and equipment

Pool Cue and equipment

Well been playing pool for awhile now getting better over the years and finally looking to invest in a good pool cue case and the accessories i need to maintain it. JUst wondering any sugestions on cues cue tech predator ect and what do i need in my case like I know a tip tapper and shaft cloth but any one better then the other and matybe someone make a little list ? thx a million

Pool Cue and equipment

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  1. ThatGuy1422acuerate on 1/31/2010 8:06:00 AM

    Hi ThatGuy,

    let me give you some advise on cues. As most of us are not professional players wich perfect technique (does it exist?) we are all applying unintentional side spin (side english). This side spin is causing deflection to the cue ball as it's pushed away from the line of aim. As most players know, cues have a deflection degree. So if you want a more 'forgiving' cue you should select a low deflection cue which mostly will have a smaller tip diameter. These cues will also give you more spin and more control as well as a higher degree of 'playbility' and potting percentage.

    Amongst low deflection cues you can find Predator and Acuerate :) The lowest deflection cues in the world.

    Enjoy your game,

    Johan Cools Acuerate team

  2. ThatGuy1422boyakasha on 4/7/2010 2:24:21 PM

    At least, Predator cues are high quality products. Acuerate cues are cheap sticks made in China...

  3. ThatGuy1422quickshot on 4/7/2010 2:43:24 PM

    For my money the OB 1 or the new OB Classic cue is a can not go wrong. Most of the dealers, Ozonebilliards, Seyberts, Billiard Warehouse will give you a case for free if you buy from them. Ob is made in USA, not China.

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Pool Cue and equipment

  • Title: Pool Cue and equipment
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/28/2010 9:05:33 PM