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Identify Cue Stick with a Wooden Screw

Identify Cue Stick with a Wooden Screw

I found this pool cue stick with a wooden joint screw while going through my uncles stuff after he passed away.

I have tried to find a makers mark or logo, but I can find no markings of any kind besides the inlay on the cue.

9B23C872-62A8-4305-BC56-38E2A6C527B2.jpeg 9CC70024-0AEB-4920-98FE-38011582D1E5.jpeg

9E412184-0B21-4123-BF93-37BD2598B51E.jpeg 6B2413D6-C5A0-4FE6-898C-C2A80E851BD7.jpeg




Identify Cue Stick with a Wooden Screw

Replies & Comments

  1. amndn73billiardsforum on 10/4/2022 5:01:18 AM

    It looks to be a carom cue of some kind. At first glance it appears to be an inexpensive import cue.

    However, it is very difficult to get a feel for what the entire cue looks like from these photos. Can you take a photo showing the shaft and cue apart, but as whole (e.g. so that we can see the entire cue in one clear photo)?

  2. amndn73amndn73 on 10/7/2022 9:53:38 AM

    Apologies for the late reply.

    I've been working but will get photos of the cue as requested when I get home.

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Identify Cue Stick with a Wooden Screw

  • Title: Identify Cue Stick with a Wooden Screw
  • Author: (Shane Robinson)
  • Published: 9/30/2022 5:33:11 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/4/2022 4:57:10 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)