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Is this a Sampaio Pool Cue?

Is this a Sampaio Pool Cue?

Can anyone conform if this is a Sampaio cue?

Bought this at an auction and know very little about it. It is hand-carved.

1B5F3359-DC52-47CD-AD22-0AC47A734EC3.jpeg 6094EDB0-EA32-450D-999B-836901990C71.jpeg 4CD9CF5F-D1D9-4A90-A139-1BD2C3E128FF.jpeg


Is this a Sampaio Pool Cue?

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  1. tracyschonsbilliardsforum on 5/3/2022 4:42:35 AM

    I don't think it's a Sampaio pool cue.

    It would typically have a stamp (i.e. an indentation into the wood) with the Sampaio name. I don't see that in your photos and would assume that you would have mentioned it if it was there. It would usually be on the shaft (or on the forearm very close to the joint) and would look like these below:




    Additionally, the inlay pattern and detail differs from that typical of Sampaio cues.

    It is most likely an inexpensive import cue from the 1970s, from somewhere like Taiwan, Mexico, and the Philippines. They were made from low-quality materials which are not generally suitable for use in the construction of high-performance pool cues.

  2. tracyschonstracyschons on 12/4/2022 10:06:01 AM

    Yes the pool cue is a George Herman Ballabushka cue.

    Here are more pictures:









  3. tracyschonsbilliardsforum on 12/4/2022 11:33:38 AM

    @tracyschons said:

    Yes the pool cue is a George Herman Ballabushka cue.

    No, I absolutely disagree, and I am highly doubtful of your claim above.

  4. tracyschonstracyschons on 12/5/2022 1:58:41 AM

    What makes you think that it’s not a George Herman Balabushka pool cue?

    His name and signature and everything is all over that cue, though it is very well hidden.

  5. tracyschonsbilliardsforum on 12/5/2022 3:18:01 AM

    I see nothing in the Balabushka cue articles, catalogs, etc. that resembles the cues you've been posting.

    You'll have to share some very clear, well-lit photos of the name and/or signature which you say is "all over that cue".

  6. tracyschonstracyschons on 12/5/2022 10:49:34 PM

    I sent the clear pictures (posted above) which you asked for.

    Who are you, and what makes you an expert?

  7. tracyschonsbilliardsforum on 12/7/2022 4:02:19 AM

    The photos above still show zero evidence that they're cues made by George Balabushka.

    They're most likely inexpensive import cues of little to no value as a collectible cue. One of the cues even has the production stickers showing the weight and the model name. This type of carved wood pool cues with those particular stickers are typically indicative of low-quality import cues.

    Could I be wrong? Yes. With proof, I will gladly revise my responses, but I have yet to see anything in your posts and photos that indicates I am wrong.

    It's clear you aren't going to get the answer you want to hear.

    We're going to have to leave it at that, unless you have concrete proof you can share.

    If you don't trust my response, search this website for "carved pool cue" (or similar), you'll find many previous questions about similar cues where others (besides myself) have responded with similar answers.

    Here's an example of a cue which is very similar to the middle cue in the photos above. It's out of a business-to-business catalog from the Kao-Kao factory in Japan. Any company can order these and brand them as they please. Over the years, many brands have imported this and similar models, and sold them in North America as low-end, low-cost pool cues.


  8. tracyschonsuser1676404136 on 2/14/2023 2:48:57 PM

    I have two possible Sampaio cues from the 1960s. Does anyone know if that's what they are?

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Is this a Sampaio Pool Cue?

  • Title: Is this a Sampaio Pool Cue?
  • Author: (Tracy Schons)
  • Published: 4/23/2022 8:55:41 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/3/2022 4:18:49 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)