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Dan A. Reese
Maintenance at Housing Authority of Maricopa Co. Az.
Litchfield Park, AZ

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About Me

My son found a 9' pool table which I was able to put together.

I thought it was a Murrey 6400 pool table but I think it is a remake of the Brunswick Gold Crown III pool table. I believe parts came from different pool tables.

Regardless, it is a nice table to play on. It's very fast. I found out that the felt is a Simmons 860 tournament cloth.

My dad was the best pool player. He started his hustle in the early fifties. My opinion is that he was the best ever. I know he played Willie Mosconi and Jackie Gleason. To him it was not a game. He owned a pool hall for a couple years and you either came to play or you were asked to leave. I just wish now I would have paid more attention watching him but in those days I was just another smart ass teen.

I do play a fairly decent game of pool and I can still hear my dad saying "you think you hit that hard enough?"

I still have two well-used pieces of his chalk. They sit on the pool table every time I play and I also have his old cue case.

Does anybody know of him? His name was Jack Reese from Elgin, Illinois. He was the best pool player I’ve ever known.

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My Gear

  • Playing Cue: 1969 Brunswick Coronado Cue
  • Jump/Break Cue: Mcdermont GS202 (Only as a Break Cue)
  • Pool Table: A 9' table I thought was a Murrey 6400 but I think is a remake of the Brunswick Gold Crown III

My Vitals

  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Age: 61 years