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Identify Unmarked Yard Sale Pool Cue

Identify Unmarked Yard Sale Pool Cue

A friend got some cues at a yard sale in New Mexico I’m wondering who made this one and how much it might be worth.

There are no names or marks on this cue.



Identify Unmarked Yard Sale Pool Cue

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  1. DJackChopdoc on 10/3/2019 9:50:53 AM

    Inexpensive "budget" cue, import.

    No idea of brand but it isn't worth much. $5-$10 at a yard sale? Honestly I wouldn't buy it at any price.

    It looks like a maple shaft though, so it might not be a bad starter cue for someone.

    You say there are others, I am wondering about those.

  2. DJackDJack on 10/3/2019 8:31:36 PM

    My coworker got 5 cues for $10.00. They all need tips but seem to be good cues.

    This cue above was one of them, and a few of the others are posted as separate questions.

    1. I just found out the one other is a Hampton beginner cue.
    2. Another was a RICH-Q that you helped out with.

    Thanks for the info.

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Identify Unmarked Yard Sale Pool Cue

  • Title: Identify Unmarked Yard Sale Pool Cue
  • Author: (Dan Reese)
  • Published: 10/2/2019 8:12:46 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/3/2019 3:25:56 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)