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Identify Vintage Pool Cue

Identify Vintage Pool Cue

Can anyone help me identify this vintage pool cue?

I'm selling and don't know what to price at. I know it's vintage.

Thank you in advance



Identify Vintage Pool Cue

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  1. user1495373899billiardsforum on 5/22/2017 8:45:55 PM

    I always chuckle then sigh a little inside when anyone with a used pool cue calls it "vintage" when they claim to know nothing about the pool cue at all.

    You will need to spend some time posting the details. Take the time to post all relevant info, e.g. what you know about the cues, where you got them, how you know they are "vintage" as you stated etc.. and describe any and all details, markings, numbers, logos, etc. Remove bumpers and look for any markings under there.

    One thing you did well was to take lots of photos, which definitely helps.

  2. user1495373899user1495373899 on 5/22/2017 9:26:26 PM

    I honestly don't know anything about pool except my cousin passed away and left these pool cues. His friend told me it was vintage 1970s. I am lost with it. I just didn't want to rip anyone off or get ripped off.

    I ended up selling this plus a Grant Wilcox cue and 2 Richard Black cues with 14 shafts (one predator and one tiger) for $2800.

    From pics I've seen seen I think it's an Adam R/A-7B pool cue.


    The ones in the picture is what is selling. Just waiting on payment.


  3. user1495373899billiardsforum on 5/23/2017 4:15:23 AM

    Sorry for your loss.

    You are correct, that is what it is. An Adam Rambow R/A-7B pool cue. They are fairly rare, and highly sought-after. They are from the first Adam catalog I believe.

    Generally regarded as very high quality, well-playing cues.

    Nice collection. You got a fair price I'd say... without knowing more about the condition.

  4. user1495373899user1495373899 on 5/23/2017 6:48:31 AM

    Thank you.

    I feel very accomplished. I have never even played pool until seeing these and have had to figure it out. I never realized how interesting a cue can be. I always thought it was just a basic stick. There is so much beauty to them. I'm glad to know it's a good price.

    It's 14 shafts, 4 cues. Two of those are Richard Blacks and one unknown Grant Wilcox.

    Do you think I undersold them? I know the Richard Blacks are pricey but the man said the market is low right now.

    I appreciate all your help.

  5. user1495373899billiardsforum on 5/23/2017 8:25:02 AM

    Agreed 100%. Market for collectible pool cues is way down from where it once was.

    Could you have fetched more? Perhaps a little bit, but you'd have to find the right buyer(s) which can take a long time. You'd also probably not find a single collector willing to buy all of them if you are asking top dollar. When you want top dollar you weed out dealers... making your potential buyer list much shorter.

    Here is another early Adam R/A-7B cue:



  6. user1495373899user1495373899 on 5/23/2017 9:09:02 AM

    Thank you so much for your help. I really do appreciate it.

  7. user1495373899Cuefan on 3/8/2020 6:08:09 AM

    Just curious if you sold all the cues and if not, what is left?

    Also what is your asking price for the cues you do have left?

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Identify Vintage Pool Cue

  • Title: Identify Vintage Pool Cue
  • Author: (Lisa T)
  • Published: 5/21/2017 9:38:20 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/22/2017 8:38:21 PM
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