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ID Cue with Gold Adam Logo on Forearm

ID Cue with Gold Adam Logo on Forearm

Can anyone identify the model and value of this Adam cue?

It has a gold Adam logo on the forearm. The sticker on butt says "20 oz".


IMG_20210125_112222.jpg IMG_20210125_112328_1.jpg

IMG_20210125_112208.jpg IMG_20210125_112212.jpg

ID Cue with Gold Adam Logo on Forearm

Replies & Comments

  1. IbinAdobilliardsforum on 2/13/2021 11:08:03 AM

    This is a cue from the Adam Cue Co. of Japan.


    I don't know the exact model (they've put out tens of thousands of models over the years).

    The design is similar to the "JULIO 12" cue model from the Julio Stamboulini line which was made by Adam Cue (but I don't think it's this model - it's just that the design is similar). Your specific Adam Cue model would be newer than these (perhaps by 4-8 years newer, but I'm not 100% sure on that).


  2. IbinAdoIbinAdo on 2/13/2021 11:59:45 AM

    And again, many thanks!

    I will try asking the manufacturer for some more information on that one.

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ID Cue with Gold Adam Logo on Forearm

  • Title: ID Cue with Gold Adam Logo on Forearm
  • Author: (Alexander Mairhofer)
  • Published: 2/13/2021 5:52:09 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/13/2021 8:58:20 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)