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ID Limited Edition Meucci Cue 11 of 150

ID Limited Edition Meucci Cue 11 of 150

Need help identifying this limited edition Meucci pool cue. I bought it 12-15 years ago (2003-2007-ish) and am getting ready to list it for sale.

It came with a Meucci Black Dot shaft, and has serial number 11/150 on the butt cap.

I forget the model number. Can anyone help?

IMG_5715.jpeg IMG_5717.jpeg

ID Limited Edition Meucci Cue 11 of 150

Replies & Comments

  1. scottrobbbilliardsforum on 9/4/2019 8:10:10 AM

    This is a Meucci Majestic Midnight cue. A limited edition cue circa early-mid 2000s, made exclusively for sale through Budget Billiards (the Meucci Family's eCommerce retail site).

    Original MSRP was $1400, with original retail price online of $980. They are still for sale, and retail price now is $1120. Would be worth somewhere less than that in used condition.

    meucci-majestic-midnight-cue.jpg meucci-cue-majestic-midnigh.jpg

  2. scottrobbyanthochp on 10/3/2019 2:23:01 PM

    How much do you want for your Majestic Midnight Meucci cue?

    If you want to sell at $450, including shipping cost, let me know.

  3. scottrobbscottrobb on 10/7/2019 7:02:37 PM

    Thank you but I'm pretty sure that I can get more from an eBay sale. It comes with a spare shaft, as well. I was planning on listing it on eBay and getting at least $550.

    This is in MINT condition and still has an untouched spare black dot shaft.

    It is also a low number in the series which, as in any numbered series, makes it worth more.

  4. scottrobbbilliardsforum on 10/16/2019 9:38:58 AM

    You are right, you can probably get more than the offer of $450. Especially given the current selling price a brand new one, plus the fact that your has two matching shafts.

    Your best bet is to try eBay first.

    About your comment on the low serial numbers - it doesn't generally work the way you described.

    Low numbers don't really equate to higher value, unless:

    1. you have #0 (prototype) or #1, or the last one.
    2. you had both versions of this cue (Majestic, and Majestic Midnight), and both have the same serial, and you are selling as a set (but even then, you can usually always get more money if you break up sets and sold them separately)
    3. someone wants your specific number because it has some special meaning to them

    Otherwise, there is nothing special about serial #11.

    Good luck with the sale either way!

  5. scottrobbyanthochp on 10/20/2019 10:49:58 AM

    If you want to sell that Meucci Majestic Midnight cue without going through eBay, let me know.

  6. scottrobbbsuts3 on 12/26/2019 11:11:39 AM

    Is the Majestic Midnight cue still for sale?

  7. scottrobbscottrobb on 12/26/2019 2:30:51 PM

    Thanks guys but it has been sold.

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ID Limited Edition Meucci Cue 11 of 150

  • Title: ID Limited Edition Meucci Cue 11 of 150
  • Author: (Scott Robb)
  • Published: 7/26/2019 12:34:52 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/4/2019 8:02:29 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)