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Help Value Old Pool Cues

Help Value Old Pool Cues

My family owns a storage facility in Nogales, AZ. Recently, I came across some old pool cues. There are two "Original Palmers", that have a clear ring in the handle. One has gold tin foil and says "the original palmer" and the other has a guys name inside and is silver tin foil with "the original palmer" written underneath. there are more that appear to be palmers, but they dont say anything on them. The room had a bunch of old stuff in it including wwII things and all of the cases they are in seem to be very old so Im assuming they arent junk. There are a total of 7 cues in all. Also included is a brunswick master stroke with a leather handle. I was told it was a bolt or balte collender or something like that. And a vern horn that looks pretty nice.

I have no idea how to go about getting rid of these without getting too ripped off, and I dont expect top dollar for them either. Can anyone help? I live in Mesa AZ. My phone # is 480-797-4555. Name is Cory. I will post pics as soon as i can.

Help Value Old Pool Cues

Replies & Comments

  1. CoryMark Bellamy on 9/6/2017 11:14:45 PM

    What would you take for all of the cues?

  2. CoryMark Bellamy on 9/20/2017 1:03:39 PM

    Hi Cory. Can you send me pics of the cues? Send to: markdaddee@hotmail.com

    I am serious about buying these. I can send you the payment through PayPal. I'm retired & I like old cue sticks. Like a hobby.

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Help Value Old Pool Cues

  • Title: Help Value Old Pool Cues
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  • Published: 8/1/2009 2:26:09 PM