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Advice on a cue

Advice on a cue

I want to buy my friend a pool cue for his 40th birthday. He's not a professional by any means but a very good amateur, even intermediate. He probably plays socially once or twice a week.

I have done extensive research and cannot decide what brand to go with. Every time I read something positive about one make, there is something to the contrary.

As such, I enlist the help of experts!

I am looking at getting this:

Meucci Black Power Piston Pool Cue with a 314² Predator shaft, with Cue Case & Joint Protectors

Weight - 19.5 oz Tip - medium Brand - Meucci

I'm pretty happy with the predator shaft as this seems to get consistently good feedback and the 314 is a good width. I thought the Z may be a bit narrow for someone at his level. Any thoughts?

It's Meucci I can't decide upon. Really mixed reviews on quality, service, some say only buy second hand classic Pre dot. Others say they're wonderful. Some say things have improved since moving to a new factory. Is there any kind of consensus on this?

I know nothing about pool! I've looked for these Pre black and Red dot classic cues but fear they are simply selling new replicas or remakes of these classics which doesn't solve the quality question.

Can someone tell me if this is a wise purchase? It's almost like a hybrid cue with two well known brands... I cannot find reviews for this combo online so assume it's a new thing?

I'm happy to spend around the $500 mark but would like that to include a case, tips, postage etc.

I also want it to look timeless. Brown wood, leather or Irish linen, rather than lacquered. Is there a quality benefit to lacquering?

I would also happily look at something vintage or second hand that was quite special, providing its condition was sound.

I'm open to all suggestions and advice!


Advice on a cue

Replies & Comments

  1. queen_kumaraZeke on 2/8/2013 5:52:52 PM

    Buying a cue stick is like buying shoes.

    It is such a personal choice thing, we just never do it, unless of course the shoes are for your kids.

    I also hate the idea of buying a cue stick on-line. How does an "on-line" stick feel? You won't know until you own it. There is no comparison shopping - on-line. Which feels better, A or B?

    Find a decent nearby shop with a bunch of decent sticks in house. Get him a gift certificate and take him there some evening for his birthday.

    That way, he'll get what HE wants, not what you THINK he wants!

    Just sayin...

  2. queen_kumaraMitch Alsup on 2/10/2013 1:49:59 PM

    Why not place the offer on a card and let your friend make the choice of the cue with you picking up the tab.

  3. queen_kumarashadyj on 2/14/2013 1:06:40 PM

    Do you know what your friend shoots with now? brand, weight, joint, tip? or does he play with a house cue? what zeke says about " the feel" is something that develops over time and has so many variables personal to each player that you can never just buy " the perfect stick" however for years i played with a house cue.. i looked for a straight stick with a decent shaped tip... i knew nothing of deflection, joints , ferrules, tips, wraps , shafts splices.. yada yada yada ... for me im not a big fan of meucci.. but alot of people like them... mezz cue's IMHO hit well moori med tips are fantasic lucasi cues for the money.. but a predator shaft on a mop stick handle in the right hands would play well. i would say if you want to surprise him,.. and he isnt a 5 or better then its likely that he doesnt even know exactly what fits hit yet... any decent brand with a decent shaft and medium tip should play well.. but just like with a new pair of shoes they take a little while to break in... mezz,joss,schon,lucasi,... just the other night i saw a mcdermott g901 wrapped in leather, uni-loc joint with two new predator 314-2 shafts sell for 514.00 on ebay... good luck...

  4. queen_kumaraDsmithBFL on 3/19/2013 5:55:10 AM

    Great advice on how to select pool cues. However I would like to add that such selection often depends on personal choices. And also usability. If you are familiar with any particular brands, why not go for it?

  5. queen_kumaratasha_silvester on 4/24/2013 2:01:37 AM

    Your friend is an intermediate player. He plays the game twice a week. He might be knowing all the brands. Ask him which brands suits him.

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Advice on a cue

  • Title: Advice on a cue
  • Author: (Amy Green)
  • Published: 2/8/2013 5:08:09 PM