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1980s Dufferin Silver Leaf Pool Cue Info

1980s Dufferin Silver Leaf Pool Cue Info

I wanted to see if this 1980s Dufferin silver-leaf pool cue is still of any value.

I got a steal on it at auction since it was hidden in a bundle with two McDermott Lucky cues and a few house cues.

If I am correct, it is a 1980s pool cue with ebony in the points and windows. The cue is straight but does have some finish cracking. It looks like it was taken down to an 11.5 mm - 12 mm tip.

Could anyone help with an approximate value for the cue and let me know if it is worth refinishing or converting?




1980s Dufferin Silver Leaf Pool Cue Info

Replies & Comments

  1. Madhatr1978Cueistic on 10/19/2022 11:36:23 AM

    Oh, look at that eh! That is super cool! What you have is a rather rare Dufferin cue.

    I have four of them and got lucky finding them when I did over the years. I have two that are "executive" cues (as they have a shielded medallion-type insert). I did post a picture of my own Dufferin Executive cues here a while ago.

    For your cue, if it was me, I'd only refinish it, to be honest, and possibly change the pin over to a 3/8 X 10 join pin. That is the easiest way of converting them, and the 3/8 X 10 joint pin hits really well. I only use that joint pin type for all of my custom builds here for my own cue line.

    That cue you have there would be dated to somewhere in the 1980s for sure. I will bet that it is 59" or 60" long too, as most black dot Dufferin cues were a bit longer.

  2. Madhatr1978Madhatr1978 on 10/19/2022 2:12:35 PM

    Thanks for the info on the Dufferin cue!

    I appreciate it.

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1980s Dufferin Silver Leaf Pool Cue Info

  • Title: 1980s Dufferin Silver Leaf Pool Cue Info
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  • Published: 10/3/2022 11:41:03 AM
  • Last Updated: 11/26/2022 1:26:46 PM
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