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Schon Cue Model Identification

Schon Cue Model Identification

Does anyone know the model of this Schon cue?

20210505_142919.jpg 20210505_194904.jpg 20210505_194911.jpg


Schon Cue Model Identification

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  1. user1514556986billiardsforum on 5/19/2021 3:53:42 PM

    I've been told by folks who know Schon cues inside and out, the following:

    It's a custom Schon cue. It has no model number assigned. Some details are from the Schon R14 cue's design (and/or Schon S14), and it's points are from the Schon R6 cue design.

  2. user1514556986user1514556986 on 5/19/2021 4:03:50 PM

    Thanks a million!

    That helps a lot because I've been unable to find one that looks like it.

    It appears to be a Runde made Schon cue due to the sharp points and stitched rings. What do you think?

    If you find out more information that you'd like to share please feel free.

  3. user1514556986billiardsforum on 5/20/2021 3:33:27 AM

    A bit more info came through from some of the folks I asked about your Schon cue:

    It's an awesome early 80s Runde!


    Wow, amazing looking Schon cue. Love it. So beautiful


    Yes, Bob made this cue.

    Hope this helps.

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Schon Cue Model Identification

  • Title: Schon Cue Model Identification
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  • Published: 5/5/2021 5:55:12 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/19/2021 3:22:53 PM
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