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OB 1 Shaft

OB 1 Shaft

First there came a new design in shafts called the OB 1. It came with a wood ferrule and claimed to be the best lo-deflection shaft since the one Moses carried when he parted the waters during the exodus. Their biggest competition was the Predator 314 an the Z model both of which are 2 of the best shafts on the market according to many players who use them.

Now the OB 1, after being supplanted by the OB 2, which has a different design to it such as a smaller tip and taper, it too is being supplanted by the OB Classic. The wood ferrule is gone and has been replaced by a standard ferrule, albeit, much shorter than the wooden ones and with the claim that it is a lo-deflection tip and ferrule.

I have an OB 1 which I like very much. I did not (as many others) care for the OB 2 with its smaller tip, 11.75 I believe if my memory serves me right. Tips are a personal preference for many players and justifiably so.There is no one size fits all in cuesticks. Different size tips have a certain learning curve that comes to using them as many players find out when they change them

What remains now is how the OB classic will be received. I have not heard from anyone who has tried it, but I know of some players who have one on order I believe for about $199. I hope they live up to the hype. If they do I will buy one simply because I like the OB 1.

OB 1 Shaft

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OB 1 Shaft

  • Title: OB 1 Shaft
  • Author: (Jim Walsh)
  • Published: 4/4/2010 10:09:50 AM