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ID Vintage Mali Cue Stick

ID Vintage Mali Cue Stick

Need some help identifying this vintage Mali cue stick. I am wondering about the make and value of the cue.

It's in pretty good shape, just missing the butt bumper.


ID Vintage Mali Cue Stick

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  1. user1567540194Chopdoc on 9/3/2019 1:45:37 PM

    We'll need to see pictures of the whole cue in order to value and ID it.

    • Is it straight?
    • What condition is the shaft in?

    From what I can see it is a plain mid-eighties Mali cue. Maybe worth $50 to $100 at best? Just guessing based on what I can see.

    I can't see enough to figure out the model or condition.

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ID Vintage Mali Cue Stick

  • Title: ID Vintage Mali Cue Stick
  • Author:
  • Published: 9/3/2019 12:49:54 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/4/2019 12:08:14 PM
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