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Lucasi Cue?

Lucasi Cue?

ok i've been playing for a little while and feel the cue is starting to hold my game back for progressing so i decided to buy a new cue. people tell my anything above 200 dollars is a good cue. just wondering what you think of this.


im also new to the forums so hi.

Lucasi Cue?

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  1. eaglesfn68Wes Moran on 7/16/2007 3:42:01 AM

    Well that cue is fine...I have a number of friends that play with Lucasi's...But if you wanted to save the money, you could do like I just did. Ask your locals that work where you play if they have anything in the back. I just spent $20 on a cue. It had been left at my local pool hall and my buddy who works there found it in a closet with a bunch of others. He also found two Vintage butts...I originally told him to find me a shaft for one of the Vintage butts...but have now decided to keep this one...its a shoty $12 Harvard from Walmart...He gave me the stick, a case, and is gonna retip it with a Le Pro tip, and he's working a small dent out of the shaft...all for $20.

    I've played with it for a couple hours, 2 the first night and 3 or 4 the other night. I actually like it better than any of his cues...and he plays with McDermotts, Lucasi's, Meucci's, and even has a custom with a Predator shaft.

    So take a look at your local place...talk to some of the people that work there...even ask some of the regulars...they may be looking to sell something they have for less than new.

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Lucasi Cue?

  • Title: Lucasi Cue?
  • Author: (Jason Delange)
  • Published: 5/22/2007 2:11:09 PM