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Identify a Predator Cue Model and Value

Identify a Predator Cue Model and Value

Can someone help to identify this Predator pool cue model and value it?

1535839269528573762299.jpg 15358390755831292878851.jpg



Identify a Predator Cue Model and Value

Replies & Comments

  1. Teresabilliardsforum on 9/4/2018 4:41:23 AM

    It's a Predator Sneaky Pete cue.

    It's either a:

    • Predator SPJU cue from the Predator Sneaky Pete series. MSRP was $405: predator-spju-cue.jpg

    • Predator SPW cue from the Predator 2K Series. MSRP was $325: predator-spw-pool-cue.jpg

    I am not 100% sure on the difference, and can't tell based on the photos in the Predator cue archives.

    Regardless of which model it is, it might fetch between $100 and $150 plus around $75 to $100 for the shaft. This is just a guideline though. Now that you know the model (more or less) you can research the market for current pricing.

  2. TeresaTeresa on 9/5/2018 2:58:13 PM

    Thank you for the information on the Predator cues!

  3. Teresauser1617498062 on 4/3/2021 6:01:03 PM

    I am trying to buy this Predator cue and shaft from a widow.

    She has no idea what this cue is worth.

    E4792AF1-27C6-4B70-B4B8-F5049375932C.jpeg B749F6D6-D6AE-4375-964F-8760930B47F7.jpeg

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Identify a Predator Cue Model and Value

  • Title: Identify a Predator Cue Model and Value
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  • Published: 9/1/2018 3:02:34 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/4/2018 4:24:57 AM
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