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Identify a George Balabushka Pool Cue

Identify a George Balabushka Pool Cue

I need some assistance on a cue that I inherited.

I would like to see what the value of this George Balabushka pool cue is.




Identify a George Balabushka Pool Cue

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  1. Julianbilliardsforum on 10/16/2018 2:50:20 AM

    This cue looks like a Georga Balabushka GB-5 (modern remake version) from the George Balabushka Signature Series.

    It was available as early as 1999 I believe (that's when the line first appeared on BWH). At that time, the MSRP was about $700, but it commonly retailed at about $540 on sites like Billiard Warehouse and the other big cue sport retailers, and as low as $440 during clearance sales.

    It is still being sold today on BWH, and today the MSRP is $870, and retail is around $785.

    Balabushka Pool Cue - GB5

    George Balabushka GB-5 signature series pool cue. This pool cue has a natural stained birdseye maple forearm with four sharp ebony points with two veneers. The butt is ebony with multiple wood and mother of pearl inlays. The wrap is a black with white spec irish linen. The joint is 5/16 x 14 stainless steel. This cue comes with one shaft with a 13 mm pro taper and a professional leather tip.


    • Birdseye Maple Forearm, Light Brown Stain, (4) Point African Ebony Splice & Bacote Veneers
    • (4) Mother of Pearl, White Shell Notched Diamond Inlays in Forearm
    • Stainless Steel Joint Collar with 5/16-14 Pin
    • Black with White Spec Irish Linen Wrap
    • (4) Mother of Pearl, White Shell Diamond Inlays, Bacote & Maple in Ebony Butt Sleeve
    • Canadian Maple Shaft, 13 mm Pro Taper, Phenolic Collar with Silver Ring, Brass Pilot Wood Wrap, Juma Ferrule & Pro Layered Tip
    • Custom Joint Protectors with Logo & Black Velvet Bag with Logo
    • George Balabushka Signature

    Source: billiardwarehouse.com/cues/balabushka/balabushka_gb5.htm




  2. JulianChopdoc on 10/16/2018 2:13:59 PM

    Judging from the thickness of the silver ring in the joint, this is an older one.

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Identify a George Balabushka Pool Cue

  • Title: Identify a George Balabushka Pool Cue
  • Author: (Julian Benavides)
  • Published: 10/15/2018 8:38:27 PM
  • Last Updated: 10/16/2018 2:34:43 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)