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Value and Model of a Meucci Originals Cue

Value and Model of a Meucci Originals Cue

I have the Meucci pool cue in the pictures below.

Does anyone know anything about this Meucci Original pool cue? I am trying to learn about when it was made and how much it is worth today.

Value and Model of a Meucci Originals Cue

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  1. monsterguest on 5/27/2009 5:26:41 AM

    One of my good friends had a Meucci Pool Cue very similar to that cue. I believe he paid about $1500 for it. Are you looking to get rid of it?

  2. monstermonster on 5/27/2009 3:30:38 PM

    I don't own this Meucci Originals cue, but someone was selling it for $160.

    I see Meucci Originals sell for around this price range all of the time. Is there something special about this one that would make it worth 10X what I normally see it going for?

    I know the older Meucci cues have the rounder butt cap and those are worth a little more.

  3. monsterslimdaddy on 6/26/2009 2:12:44 PM

    The Meucci Originals cue in those pictures is worth from $1000 up to $1200. I have an uncle that has the same cue with a tiger x shaft to go with it.

    I suggest you buy everyone you can for the price you stated because they only go up in value as long as they are in good condition.

  4. monsterbilliardsforum on 6/30/2009 7:15:59 AM

    For that cue to go for $160, it's probably either warped, damaged, or stolen.

    When determining the age of a Meucci cue, you generally have three steps to narrow it down with Meucci cues. The first is the logo on the cue. The "block" logo in the pictures was used up until around 1990. The "olive branch" logo from 1990 to present.

    For the pre-1985 cues with the block-style Meucci logo, you can then separate them into two groups based on the style of the butt cap. Pre-1980 cues will have the round bumpers.

    Then, of the modern flat bumpers, we can narrow it further. If you remove the bumper and measure the width of the portion that inserts into the cue, you can determine if the cue is from between 1980 and 1988 or from 1989 or newer. the 80's bumpers are around 3/4 inch or 0.750. Newer ones are .675.

    All the stuff above is "in general terms" and not the rule. With Meucci cues there are MANY exceptions.

    Now, that puts your cue somewhere in the 1980-1990 range in terms of age.

    The model is going to depend on how well you can date the cue. What you have is a Meucci Originals M-7 cue from the "Meucci Series" from the early 90's. Depending on the year it was made, it may be one of the descendants of the Meucci M-7, but I think it's probably an earlier version of the Meucci M-7 pictured below.

    Also see this question where the person had a Meucci 95-12 cue with the same design but with the newer logo. His is probably the Meucci 95-12 or Meucci HOF-2 (a newer version of your Meucci M-7).

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Value and Model of a Meucci Originals Cue

  • Title: Value and Model of a Meucci Originals Cue
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  • Published: 5/25/2009 10:02:07 PM