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Old Pool Cue Identification

Old Pool Cue Identification

I have a pool stick that a roommate had left behind when he passed away several years ago, and it has been going to waste, since despite my attempts to learn to play, my severe lack of hand eye coordination makes the game very difficult for me. I am hoping to be able to identify the pool stick and gain some insight into the possibility of this worth. It has been kept in what appears to be a handmade leather case. The cue is in decent shape, feels light weight, is straight, and has minor cosmetic defects. It features an S or an 8 symbol on it inside of what appears to be a beer or soda bottle, and then the symbol appears again inside of what could be a pool ball at the end of the stick. Its color is green. I have attached some pictures in the hopes that this will help identify it.

Old Pool Cue Identification

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Old Pool Cue Identification

  • Title: Old Pool Cue Identification
  • Author: (William Ryder)
  • Published: 5/28/2016 2:11:24 PM